The PEARS BROTHERS • Net Worth $3 Billion • House • Yacht • Private Jet • William Pears Company

Pears Brothers, Mark and Trevor

Pears Brothers

Name:Mark Pears (1962)
Mark Pears wife:Debra Groves Pears
Name:Trevor Pears (1964)
Trevor Pears wife:Daniela Pears
Name:David Pears (1968)
David Pears wife:Unknown
Pears Net Worth:$ 3 billion.
Source of Wealth:William Pears Group
Residence:London, UK
Private Jet:Please send a message if you have info
Yacht:Talisman C

Who are the Pears Brothers?

Mark, Trevor, and David Pears are known as the Pears Brothers. Their grandfather William founded the William Pears Company. 

William Pears Group

The William Pears Group is one of the UK’s biggest real estate companies. The company’s investments focus on North London and South East England.

The company has some U$ 1.2 billion in assets and a similar amount in accumulated profits. The annual turnover in rent and received interest is around US$ 100 million.

In 2009 they bought Telereal Trillium, a commercial property management, and investment company.

Talisman Global Asset Management

Talisman Global Asset Management is an international fund management company. The fund manages more than US$ 4 billion in assets.

The Talisman fund was started in 1998 when the Pears family sold real estate assets. Which provided £50m of investment capital.

Pears Foundation

The family founded the The Pears Family Charitable Foundation for their philanthropic activities. Their purpose was to apply some of the resources of their family’s property company to fund organizations and projects. Affecting the well being of people in the UK and all over the world.

The foundation is headed by Sir Trevor Pears. He was knighted in 2017 for services to philanthropy. The foundation receives US$ 25 million per year from the family.

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Yacht Talisman C Owner

Pears Brothers

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Mark Pears

Trevor Pears


Pears Brothers Net Worth

The combined net worth of the Pears family is around $3 billion. Mark Pears’ net worth is more than US$ 1 billion. Trevor Pears’ net worth is also US$ 1 billion.

Pears Brothers Residence.

Pears Brothers yacht

They are the owners of the yacht Talisman C, named after their mother. They still own their previous yacht, now named Talisman Maiton. She is listed for sale.