DAVID REUBEN • Net Worth $7 billion • Yacht • House • Private Jet • Reuben Brothers

Name:David Reuben
Net Worth:$ 7.5 billion
Source of Wealth:Reuben Brothers Ltd
Born:September 14, 1938
Wife:Debra Reuben
Children:James Reuben, David Jr Reuben
Residence:London, UK / Monaco
Private Jet:Embraer 135BJ (G-RBNS)

Who is David Reuben?

David Reuben was born in September 1938. He is married to Debra. They have 2 children: David Jr and James. David and his brother Simon are known as the Reuben Brothers. They are among the richest men in the UK.

They are active in real estate development and private equity investments. David and Simon were born in India and arrived in London in the 1950s.

Reuben Brothers

Reuben Brothers is active in private equity, real estate investment and development, and venture capital. The company owns hotels, pubs, and shopping centers.

Other investments include iron and coal mines, warehouses, and data centers. And they own London Oxford Airport.

The brothers were active in Russia’s metals business. In the 90s they were the world’s third-biggest producer of aluminum. With their company Trans-World Metals.

RB Shipping

RB Shipping is the ship-owning company of Reuben Brothers. The company’s fleet consists of 7 kamsarmax dry-bulk vessels. They were all built in recent years.

Kristal Waters

Through their company Kristal Waters, the Reuben brothers have constructed 5 superyachts. Triple Seven, Siren, Sapphire, Mogambo, and Graffiti.

The brothers sold 4 yachts. And kept Siren as their private yacht. We think that David is the formal owner of the yacht. His wife Debra Reuben was a judge in the 2016 World Superyacht Awards. And she introduced herself as ‘owner of the yacht Siren’.

 Reuben Foundation

David and Simon Reuben are active philanthropists, through their Reuben Foundation. The foundation is focusing on health care and education. In 2008 the foundation opened a Children’s Cancer Center in London.

The foundation is also a sponsor of the US-based Mayo clinic. David and Simon funded the foundation with US$ 100 million.

David Reuben Net Worth

The net worth of Simon and his brother David is estimated at $15 billion. This means that David Reuben’s net worth is $7.5 billion.

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David Reuben

David Reuben

Debra Reuben

Debra Reuben

Debra was born in the United States in 1955. She was a director at the Reuben Foundation, but resigned in 2012. She is c0-owner of Kristal Waters. Debra is responsible for the design of the yachts Siren, Triple Seven and Sapphire.

10 Facts about the David Reuben you probably didn’t know.


  1. He and his brother were born in the 50s in India in a wealthy family.
  2. David started in a scrap metals while his brother Simon started in carpets.
  3. Both made enough money from it to start investing in real estate.
  4. In the 90s the Reuben brothers invested in the Russian metals business.
  5. Their company became the world’s third-biggest producer of aluminum.
  6. The net worth of the Reuben brothers is US$ 15 billion.
  7. They built 5 yachts and sold 4. They used the profits for their own yacht.
  8. David’s wife Debra was a judge in the 2016 World Superyacht Awards.
  9. They also own an Embraer 135BJ private jet with a value of US$ 25 million.
  10. David and Debra live in a large house in London, built in 1882.

David Reuben House