DONALD SUSSMAN – Net Worth $500 Million – Owner of the Yacht Sheherazade

Name:Donald Sussman
Net Worth:$ 500 million
Source of Wealth:Paloma Fund
Born:June 8, 1946
Spouse:Chellie Pingree (Divorced)
Children:Emily Tisch Sussman, Carolyn Tisch Sussman
Residence:Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Private Jet:Dassault Falcon 2000 EX (N888CE)

Who is Donald Sussman?

He is a successful and pioneering hedge fund manager and the founder of Paloma Fund and New China Capital Management. He was born in 1946. He was married twice. He had 2 daughters (Emily and Carolyn).

Paloma Fund

Paloma Fund is a hedge fund, with more than US$ 3 billion in assets under management. Paloma is known for backing emerging hedge funds, which then exclusively work for Paloma.

The long term investment return for Paloma is 13% per year. In 2010 Paloma received US$200 million in US taxpayer funds as part of the AIG bailout.

Donald Sussman Net Worth

We estimated his net worth US$ 500 million.


Donald Sussman is an active philanthropist and political donor. In 2016 he gave US$ 40 million to super PACs supporting Hillary Clinton and other democrats. In 2010 he donated US$ 12 million to Skidmore College.


Yacht Sheherazade Owner

Donald Sussman house

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Donald Sussman House

Donald Sussman Yacht

He is the owner of the yacht Sheherazade. The yacht is currently listed for sale. Before, he owned the yacht Alice’s Restaurant. His yachts are berthed behind his mansion in Florida.