ANDREY MELNICHENKO • Net Worth $24 Billion • House • Yacht • Private Jet • Eurochem

Name:Andrey Melnichenko
Net Worth:$24 billion
Source of Wealth:Eurochem
Born:March 8, 1972
Wife:Aleksandra Melnichenko
Children:Tara Melnichenko, Adrian Melnichenko
Residence:Harewood Estate, Ascot, Berkshire, UK
Private Jet:Boeing 737 (MY-BBJ)
Yacht:Sailing Yacht A
Yacht (2):MY A

Who is Andrey Melnichenko?

Andrey Melnichenko is a prominent Russian industrialist and entrepreneur with major interests in the fertilizer and coal industries. Born in 1972, Melnichenko is married to Aleksandra Nikolic, a Serbian model, and together they have two children. As a student at Moscow State University, Melnichenko began currency exchange ventures, eventually becoming one of the wealthiest Russians with a net worth of $25 billion.

Andrey Melnichenko

Andrey Melnichenko

Business Ventures and Achievements

Andrey Melnichenko has acquired and managed several successful businesses, including the Siberian Coal Energy Company (SUEK) and Eurochem, a leading chemical company. SUEK is Russia’s largest coal producer, holding a market share of 31%. Eurochem, on the other hand, is the country’s largest fertilizer producer, and in 2012, it acquired the Belgian operations of BASF.
Melnichenko was also a co-founder of TMK, a pipe and metallurgical company, and MDM Bank, one of Russia’s largest private banks. Though he has since sold his shares in MDM Bank and is no longer involved in the banking industry.

Aleksandra Melnichenko

He is married to Serbian model Aleksandra Nikolic, who began her career as a fashion model before becoming a member of the Serbian pop group Models. The couple met in 2003, married in 2005, and have two children together: Tara Melnichenko and Adrian Melnichenko. Their lavish wedding featured performances by Christina Aguilera and Whitney Houston.

Andrey Melnichenko’s Net Worth and Assets

Melnichenko’s estimated net worth stands at $25 billion. Among his luxury assets is a superyacht, and a large Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) with the registration MY-BBJ, signifying “My Boeing Business Jet.” The private jet, based on a Boeing 737, was delivered to Melnichenko in December 2009 and has a starting list price of $80 million.

Philanthropy and Social Investments

As one of Russia’s leading philanthropists, Melnichenko has made significant contributions to charitable causes. In 2016, he received a special “good deeds” award from Russian President Vladimir Putin for his charitable works and donations.

EU Sanctions and Legal Challenges

Both Andrey and Aleksandra Melnichenko have been sanctioned by the EU following Russia’s war in Ukraine. Melnichenko transferred ownership of SUEK AO and EuroChem Group AG to his wife Aleksandra on March 8th, just one day before the EU placed him on their sanctions list. He has since lodged an appeal with the EU’s General Court to challenge these sanctions.

Superyachts: Motor Yacht A and Sailing Yacht A

Melnichenko is the proud owner of two luxury superyachts: Motor Yacht A and Sailing Yacht A. Both yachts were designed by renowned designer Philippe Starck and are considered among the finest in the world.

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Aleksandra Melnichenko

Aleksandra Melnichenko

Aleksandra Melnichenko

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