ROBERT LOURIE • Net Worth $500 million • House • Yacht • Private Jet • RenTech

Name:Robert Lourie
Net Worth:$500 million
Source of Wealth:RenTech
Born:July 11, 1955
Wife:Lisa Lourie
Children:Alex Lourie, Julia Lourie
Residence:East Setauket
Private Jet:(N885AR) Gulfstream G550
Cousin:James Simons

Who is Robert Lourie?

Robert Lourie is a director at Renaissance Technologies. He was born on July 11, 1955. He is married to Lisa Lourie. They have two children (Alex and Julia).  Lourie is a cousin of James Simons. founder of RenTech.

Renaissance Technologies

RenTec is a hedge fund management company. RenTec has over $ 80 billion of assets under management. The investment firm’s three Renaissance Technologies computer-driven hedge funds realize double-digit growth every year.

Robert Lourie is Head of Futures Research.

Medallion Fund

Its most successful fund is the Medallion Fund. Which manages US$ 5 billion. And has an average of 35% in annual returns. Renaissance Technologies employs complex mathematical models to analyze and execute trades.

Robert Lourie Net Worth

His net worth is $500 million.


Robert and his wife Lisa Lourie are active philanthropists, donating millions to fund the Lourie Center for Pediatric Multiple Sclerosis. The Center  is dedicated to caring for children and adolescents with MS and to conducting research that leads to advances in diagnosis and treatment.

They also funded the Lisa and Robert Lourie Imaging Suite, a combination of a PET scanner and MRI in the same unit — which allows two different and complementary imaging methods to be simultaneously applied — presenting  an exceptional opportunity to expand research.

Horse Breeding

Lisa is active in horse breading with her Spy Coast Farm.

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Yacht Prediction Owner

Robert Lourie

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Robert Lourie House

Lourie Yacht Prediction

He is the owner of the yacht Prediction. The name is a reference to his work, as he is Head of Futures Research. He bought the yacht from Ineos CFO John Reece, who had named her New Hampshire.