The lease company MYA SAM is the owner of the yacht MRS L

Name:Lease company
Net Worth:Unknown
Source of Wealth:Unknown
Private Jet:Unknown
Yacht:MRS L

Who is the owner of the MRS L Yacht?

The yacht is owned by a lease company. It is registered under the Monaco-based company, MYA SAM, specializing in bareboat and dry lease plans, the yacht operates in a unique model. With the bareboat approach, the legal owner furnishes the yacht to the lessee sans the crew, allowing the UBO owner to coordinate the crew and cover other operational costs.

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Monaco – Monte Carlo residence

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MRS L Yacht

The yacht is registered to MYA SAM, a Monaco-based company specialized in bareboat and dry lease plans for superyachts and private aircraft. In a ‘bareboat’  or  ‘dry lease’, the legal owner provides the aircraft or yacht to the lessee without a crew. So the UBO owner still arranges for crew and other costs.

Majestic Origins: The MRS L yacht, built by Mondomarine, is adorned with designs from Cor D. Rover.

Engine Powerhouse: Empowered by MTU engines, the yacht showcases impressive speed capabilities.

Interior Excellence: The yacht offers lavish accommodation for 12 guests and a dedicated crew of 10.