TURGAY CINER • Net Worth $ 1.3 Billion • House • Sailing Yacht • Private Jet • Ciner Group • Turkey

Name:Turgay Ciner
Net Worth:US$ 1.3 billion
Source of Wealth:Ciner Group
Born:March 1, 1956
Wife:Didem Ciner
Children:Atilla Ciner
Private Jet:(TC-TTC) Gulfstream G550

Turgay Ciner: An Introduction

Turgay Ciner is a prominent figure in the Turkish corporate world. As the owner and president of the Ciner Group, he has not only shaped his conglomerate but significantly influenced Turkey’s business landscape. Apart from his impressive professional life, Ciner’s personal life also draws attention – he is married to Didem Ciner and has a son, Atilla Ciner.

Key Takeaways

  • Turgay Ciner is a renowned Turkish business tycoon, heading the Ciner Group, which has diversified interests across various sectors.
  • Beginning in the 1980s with the import of Mercedes cars and spare parts, the Ciner Group has since expanded into mining, energy, media, textiles, and real estate.
  • Ciner’s media interests include owning Haberturk newspaper and website, and a significant stake in Eti Soda.
  • As an avid sports enthusiast, Ciner owns the Istanbul-based football club, KasimpasaSpor Kulübü.
  • With an estimated net worth of US$ 1.3 billion, Turgay Ciner is among the wealthiest individuals in Turkey.
  • He was the owner of the sailing yacht MELEK, which he sold in 2021.

The Genesis and Expansion of Ciner Group

The inception of the Ciner Group dates back to the 1980s. It began as a venture importing Mercedes cars and spare parts. Over time, the Ciner Group diversified its operations to include mining, energy, media, textiles, and real estate. Today, the conglomerate is a substantial employer in Turkey, providing jobs for approximately 10,000 people.

Transition into Mining

The 1990s saw the Ciner Group enter the realm of copper mining. This successful diversification solidified the group’s status as the foremost mining corporation in Turkey. This era also marked the Group’s entry into media investments, fortifying its position as a major investor in the Turkish media sector.

Media Ventures and Investments

Ciner’s media portfolio includes owning the Haberturk newspaper and the Haberturk website. Further strengthening this portfolio, in 2014, Ciner purchased the majority of shares in Eti Soda, a company producing Natural Sodium Carbonate and Sodium Bicarbonate, essential in making a variety of products including glass, fiberglass, and powdered detergents.

Sporting Interests and Contributions

In addition to his diverse business interests, Ciner is also known for his love of sports. He owns the Istanbul-based football club KasimpasaSpor Kulübü, demonstrating his commitment to supporting and promoting Turkish sports culture.

The Wealth of Turgay Ciner

Ciner’s vast business empire has brought him considerable wealth. With an estimated net worth of US$ 1.3 billion, he stands as one of Turkey’s most affluent business personalities.

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Yacht Melek Owner

Turgay Ciner

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Turgay Ciner House

Turgay Ciner Yacht

He was the owner of the Perini sailing yacht Melek, which he sold in 2021.

The sailing yacht Melek was built by Perini Navi in 2010 as part of their prestigious 56m series.

Powered by Caterpillar engines, Melek can reach a maximum speed of 16 knots and offers a range of over 2,500 nm.

She can comfortably accommodate 10 guests along with a crew of 10, promising a luxurious sailing experience.