PHILIP GREEN • Net Worth $2 Billion • House • Yacht • Private Jet • Arcadia Group

Name:Philip Green
Net Worth:$ 2 billion
Source of Wealth:Arcadia Group
Born:March 15, 1952
Country:UK / Monaco
Wife:Tina Green
Children:Chloe Green, Brandon Green, Stasha Palos, Brett Palos
Private Jet:Gulfstream G650 (VP-BCT)
Yacht (2)Lioness V
Yacht (3)Lionchase

Who is Sir Philip Green?

Sir Philip Green has made a name for himself as a renowned British business magnate, best known for his ventures in the retail industry. Often referred to as the “King of High Street”, Sir Philip is a billionaire based in Monaco who has established an empire in the clothing retail business. This article delves into his life, career, and his remarkable luxury yachts.

Key Takeaways

  • Sir Philip Green, the ‘King of High Street’, is a British billionaire based in Monaco with an empire in the clothing retail industry.
    The Green family owns several luxury yachts, including Lionheart, Lioness, Lionchase, and the Van Dutch tender Lion Cub.
  • Sir Philip’s Arcadia Group is a significant player in the British clothing retail scene, owning over 900 stores in 40 countries, including popular brands such as Dorothy Perkins, Miss Selfridge, and Evans.
  • His keen business acumen and profitable investments are highlighted by his successful acquisition and sale of Olympus, a sports retail company, and the largest annual dividend payout in UK history, received by his wife, Tina Green.
  • The family’s fortune is managed through Taveta Investments, a private investment company holding shares in various businesses.
  • Philip and Tina Green have an estimated net worth of $2 billion. They own the Lionheart Yacht.

Early Life and Entry into Business

Born in 1952, Philip Green ventured into the world of business at a young age. At 21, he was already engaged in importing jeans from the Far East to sell to British retailers. His initial foray into the shoe import business eventually transformed into a clothing empire, earning him significant recognition and wealth.

Family Ties

Sir Philip is a devoted family man. Together with his wife, Tina Green, he has four children: Chloe Green, Stasha Palos, Brett Palos, and Brandon Green. Their daughter Chloe Green has carved out a career in fashion, often showcasing her lifestyle on Instagram, including moments spent on the family’s luxury yachts.

Brett Palos, Tina’s son and Sir Philip’s stepson, serves as a director at Arcadia Group. Brett is also the owner of the Benetti yacht Illusion V, a 58-meter motor yacht delivered in 2014. Stasha Palos is an artist and author, while Brandon Green studied at the International School in Monaco and is involved in the family business, the Arcadia Group.

Yachts and Luxury

The Greens’ love for the sea and luxury is evident in their collection of yachts. The family owns the yachts Lionheart, Lioness, Lionchase, and the Van Dutch tender Lion Cub.

The Arcadia Group and Other Ventures

One of Sir Philip’s most notable contributions to the business world is his role as CEO of the Arcadia Group. The British clothing retailer is owned by his wife Tina and boasts over 900 stores in 40 countries. Arcadia Group houses popular brands like Dorothy Perkins, Miss Selfridge, and Evans, with over 2,500 shops in the UK alone. In 2013, the Group reportedly made USD 3.3 billion in sales and a pre-tax profit of USD 600 million.

Profitable Investments and Payouts

Sir Philip’s business acumen is highlighted by his profitable ventures. For example, he purchased sports retail company Olympus for GBP 1 and sold it three years later for a whopping GBP 550 million. The Green family fortune is managed through the private investment company Taveta Investments, holding shares in Arcadia, British Home Stores, and Owen Owen Holdings. In 2005, Tina Green received the largest annual dividend payout in UK history – an amount of $1.5 billion paid by Arcadia Group to Taveta Investments.

Net Worth

As of today, Philip and Tina Green have an estimated net worth of $2 billion.

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Yacht Lionheart Owner

Sir Philip Green

Tina and Philip Green

Philip and Tina Green

Illusion V

yacht Illusion V – Benetti – 2002 – Brett Palos

Brett Palos

Brett Palos is the step-son of Sir Philip. He was born in 1974 to Robert Palos and Tina Green. He is a director at the Arcadia Group.  In 2009 is bought the O2 Centre in London, together with Anthony Lyons (owner of the yacht Sealyon) and Simon Conway (owner of the Mangusta yacht Cheeky Tiger). Brett Palos also owns a yacht: the 58 meters Benetti Illusion V.


Philip and Tina Green Residence

Yacht Lionheart

He is owner of the Benetti yacht Lionheart.

Constructed of steel and aluminum, the yacht features a diesel-electric propulsion system powered by Caterpillar engines.

With an estimated value of $150 million, the yacht can accommodate 12 guests and a crew of 30.

He also owns the yachts Lionchase, Lioness V and Lion Cub. His stepson Brett Palos owns the yacht Illusion V.