JORDAN ZIMMERMAN • Net Worth $200 Million • House • Yacht • Private Jet • Zimmerman Advertising

Name:Jordan Zimmerman
Net Worth:US$ 0,2 billion
Source of Wealth:Zimmerman Advertising
Born:January 5, 1956
Wife:Terry Lee Zimmerman
Children:Chase, Jordana, Cara, Jett
Residence:Boca Raton
Private Jet:(N300JZ) Gulfstream G3
Yacht:Leading Fearlessly

Who is Jordan Zimmerman?

Renowned for his innovation and business acumen, Jordan Zimmerman has established himself as an influential figure in the advertising industry. The founder of Zimmerman Advertising, born on January 5, 1956, Zimmerman has spent his career redefining the rules of advertising and forging a new path for marketers worldwide. Married to Terry Lee Zimmerman, he personifies the balance between professional success and personal contentment.

Zimmerman made headlines in 1999 when he sold Zimmerman Advertising to the global marketing and corporate communications company, Omnicom, for a staggering $150 million. Despite the sale, he continues to play a vital role in the company as its Chairman, guiding it towards further growth and success.

Key Takeaways

  • Jordan Zimmerman, the founder of Zimmerman Advertising, is a revolutionary figure in the advertising industry.
  • Zimmerman sold his company to Omnicom in 1999 for $150 million, but continues to serve as its Chairman.
  • Zimmerman Advertising is responsible for all of Nissan’s USA advertising, and also counts Papa John’s Pizza and Office Depot among its clients.
  • Zimmerman developed the concept of “Brandtailing®,” combining long-term brand building with short-term sales boosting for measurable results.
  • Zimmerman is considered one of the One Hundred Most Powerful People in South Florida.
  • He is the author of the book Leading Fearlessly, providing insights on achieving success and transforming one’s life.
  • Zimmerman owns a stake in NHL’s Florida Panthers.
  • He also owns the Leading Fearlessly Yacht, a Sunseeker built in 2007.

Revolutionizing the Industry with Zimmerman Advertising

Zimmerman Advertising, under Zimmerman’s capable leadership, has taken charge of all of Nissan’s USA advertising, contributing to the brand’s strong presence in the market. Other notable clients under Zimmerman Advertising’s belt include renowned names such as Papa John’s Pizza and Office Depot. The agency’s unique strategies and result-oriented approach have secured its place as one of the largest advertising agencies in the world.

Brandtailing®: The Game-Changing Concept

With an initial investment of just US$10,000, Zimmerman launched his company in 1984 and quickly left a mark with his innovative approach to advertising. He developed and trademarked “Brandtailing®,” a groundbreaking concept that fuses long-term brand building with short-term sales boosting to deliver measurable results. This strategic initiative has catapulted Zimmerman Advertising to being one of the most successful advertising agencies globally, realizing sales of over US$ 3 billion.

A Force to Reckon With in South Florida

Jordan Zimmerman’s influence extends beyond the advertising world, as he has been acknowledged as one of the One Hundred Most Powerful People in South Florida by South Florida CEO Magazine. Zimmerman is not just a business leader; he’s an influential figure whose reach has been felt across various sectors in the region.

Zimmerman has also penned a book titled Leading Fearlessly, where he offers insights into achieving success and transforming one’s life. The book is a testament to his expertise, experience, and dedication to helping others succeed.

A Stake in NHL’s Florida Panthers

Adding to his impressive repertoire, Jordan Zimmerman is also a stakeholder in NHL’s Florida Panthers. This professional ice hockey team, based in Miami, benefits from his strategic insights and business acumen, further solidifying his status as a versatile business leader.

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Yacht Leading Fearlessly Owner

Jordan Zimmerman

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Jordan Zimmerman Yacht

He is the owner of the Sunseeker motor yacht Leading Fearlessly.

The Leading Fearlessly yacht is a luxurious vessel built by the renowned shipbuilders, Sunseeker in 2007.

Powered by high-performance Caterpillar engines, the yacht can achieve a maximum speed of 28 knots and a cruising speed of 21 knots.

The yacht boasts an impressive interior that can comfortably house 8 guests and a crew of 4.

The distinguished owner of the yacht Leading Fearlessly is American media entrepreneur Jordan Zimmerman, founder and Chairman of Zimmerman Advertising.

The yacht has an estimated value of $3 million with annual running costs of around $0.5 million.