HENRY HOLTERMAN • Net Worth $4 Billion • House • Yacht • Private Jet • Volker Wessels

Name:Henry Holterman
Net Worth:$4 billion
Source of Wealth:Reggeborgh
Born:July, 1 1955
Country:The Netherlands
Wife:Gerita Wessels
Private Jet:PH-GWS Dassault Falcon 7X

Unveiling the Story of Henry Holterman

Henry Holterman, born on July 1, 1955, has made significant waves in the world of business as the chairman of Reggeborgh. His marriage to Gerita Wessels further intertwines his life with a prominent lineage in the construction industry, as Gerita is the daughter of the esteemed Dick Wessels, the founder of the internationally renowned construction company, Volker Wessels.

Key Takeaways:

  • Henry Holterman, born in 1955, is the Chairman of Reggeborgh and is married to Gerita Wessels, daughter of Volker Wessels’ founder.
  • Volker Wessels, a leading international construction company, is famous for creating the Eastern Scheldt storm surge barrier and has more than 16,000 employees.
  • Reggeborgh, owned by the Wessels / Holterman family, is the shareholder of Volker Wessels and has made significant investments including in World Online and Reggefiber.
  • The family’s net worth is estimated at $4 billion.
  • They own the San Lorenzo LARS Yacht.

Volker Wessels: A Legacy in Construction

Volker Wessels is an international construction powerhouse based in the Netherlands. They have become synonymous with construction excellence and have gained international acclaim for monumental projects like the Eastern Scheldt storm surge barrier, a testament to the company’s engineering prowess.
With a workforce exceeding 16,000 employees, Volker Wessels boasts annual sales north of $6 billion, a figure that reflects their extensive portfolio of projects. Despite being publicly traded for a short period, the company was eventually taken private again when the Wessels/Holterman family acquired all outstanding shares, demonstrating their strong belief in the company’s enduring potential.

Reggeborgh: An Investment Powerhouse

Reggeborgh serves as a private investment vessel for the Wessels/Holterman family. As Chairman, Henry Holterman guides the company’s strategic direction and investment decisions. Reggeborgh’s impressive portfolio underscores its status as a significant shareholder of Volker Wessels.
The company’s investment portfolio spans a broad spectrum, with notable examples such as World Online, a successful venture that has since been sold, and Reggefiber, a company specializing in the fast-growing field of fiber optic connections, which was eventually sold to KPN.

The Holterman Family’s Net Worth

Under the stewardship of Henry Holterman, the Wessels/Holterman family has amassed significant wealth. Their estimated net worth currently stands at an impressive $4 billion, reflecting their successful business endeavors in construction and various investment ventures.

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Henry Holterman

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Henry Holterman Yacht

He is the owner of the San Lorenzo yacht Lars. Before, he owned a converted tug, also named Lars.
The Lars yacht, built by San Lorenzo in 2020, showcases the design prowess of Francesco Paszkowski.
The yacht is powered by Caterpillar engines, and it offers a cruising speed of 12 knots and a maximum speed of 16 knots.
The luxury yacht comfortably accommodates 10 guests and a crew of 7.