ROBERT GEISS • Net Worth $100 million • House • Yacht • Private Jet • Roberto Geissini

Name:Robert Geiss
Net Worth:$ 100 million
Source of Wealth:Roberto Geissini
Born:January 29, 1964
Wife:Carmen Geiss
Children:Shania Tyra Geiss, Davina Shakira Geiss
Residence:Monaco, St Tropez
Private Jet:Please send a message if you have info
YachtIndigo Star

A Glance at Robert Geiss’s Life

Born on January 29, 1964, Robert Geiss has made quite a name for himself in the German fashion industry and beyond. He is married to Carmen Geiss and they are blessed with two daughters, Shania Tyra and Davina Shakira.

Key Takeaways

  • Robert Geiss, co-founder of the German sports clothing retailer Uncle Sam, enjoys a lavish lifestyle, reflected in his ownership of the Indigo Star yacht and participation in the reality show, Die Geissens.
  • Following the successful sale of Uncle Sam, Robert launched a new fashion brand, Roberto Geissini, which is gaining traction globally.
  • With a net worth estimated at US$ 100 million, Robert Geiss’s extravagant lifestyle includes a luxurious car collection and a second yacht, the Donzi 38 ZFX.
  • Robert Geiss shares his life story and insights into his success in his book, Von Nix Kommt Nix.

The Uncle Sam Legacy

Together with his brother Michael Geiss, Robert co-founded a small boutique in 1980 which eventually blossomed into a successful sports clothing retailer, Uncle Sam. The company initially focused on bodybuilder fashion but quickly expanded its offering. Uncle Sam’s rapid growth led to a major buyout in 1995, with the Geiss brothers selling the brand for an estimated 140 million Deutsche Marks or US$ 190 million.

Robert Geiss’s Yacht

The luxury lifestyle of the Geiss family extends to the sea, with Robert and Carmen owning the magnificent Indigo Star yacht. Their love for the open waters truly reflects their extravagant lifestyle.

Die Geissens Reality Show

The lavish lifestyle of the Geiss family is captured in the German reality show, Die Geissens – Eine schrecklich glamouröse Familie. The show gives a sneak peek into their lifestyle of shopping, dining, and holidaying.

Roberto Geissini: A New Fashion Era

Never one to rest on his laurels, Robert Geiss ventured back into the fashion industry with his new clothing brand, Roberto Geissini. The brand, which also offers fragrances, is becoming increasingly popular, including in the United States.

The Net Worth of Robert Geiss

With an estimated net worth of US$ 100 million, Robert Geiss enjoys a lifestyle filled with luxury. From owning a Donzi 38 ZFX yacht to an impressive collection of luxury cars from Bentley, Rolls Royce, Porsche, and Range Rover, his life is truly glamorous. Additionally, he shares his life journey and success tips in his book, Von Nix Kommt Nix.

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Robert Geiss

Robert Geiss

Robert and Carmen Geiss

Roberto Geissini


Robert und Carmen Geiss sind die Eigentümer der Yacht Indigo Star.

Geiss gründete die Modemarke Uncle Sam. Er verkaufte das Unternehmen im Jahr 1995 für 140 Millionen DM.

Geiss besitzt nun die Modemarke Roberto Geissini. Die Familie ist in den TV-Serie Die Geissens, wo sie ihre Millionär Lebensstil zeigen.

Geiss Vermögen

Die Geissens haben ein Vermögen über EUR 90 Millionen.

Indigo Star Preis

Der yacht has ein preis of US$ 5 million, oder EUR 4 million.

Yacht Indigo Star

The Indigo Star Yacht, built by Siar Moschini and designed by Andrea Bacigalupo, is an embodiment of luxury yachting.

The yacht comfortably houses 10 guests in 5 staterooms, attended by a crew of 7.

Powering the Indigo Star are two MTU diesel engines, offering a top speed of 24 knots and a range of 4,200 nm.

The yacht, crafted from GRP, is a common sight in Monaco and has traveled to locations like the Adriatic Sea and the southern Caribbean Sea.