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Name:Vagit Alekperov
Net Worth:$26 billion
Source of Wealth:Lukoil
Born:September 1, 1950
Wife:Larisa Alekperova
Children:Yusuf Alekperov, Mariam Alekperova
Residence:Moscow, Russia
Private Jet:Dassault Falcon 7X (VP-CLS)
YachtGalactica Super Nova
Yacht (2)Galactica Plus

Introduction: Vagit Alekperov

Born in September 1950, Vagit Alekperov is a defining figure in the Russian oil industry, presently serving as the President of Lukoil, one of Russia’s largest oil companies. Holding a significant 25% share of the company, Alekperov shares his life with his wife, Larisa Alekperova, and their two children, Yusuf and Mariam Alekperov.

Before his groundbreaking contribution to Lukoil, Alekperov was the youngest deputy minister of the Oil and Gas Industry in the Soviet Union. His journey began working at an oil rig in the Caspian Sea, where he not only gained invaluable field experience but also survived a life-threatening wellhead explosion. An alumnus of the Azerbaijan Oil and Chemistry Institute, Alekperov brings in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience to the oil industry.

Key Takeaways:

  • Vagit Alekperov, born in September 1950, is the President of Lukoil and owns 25% of the company’s shares.
  • Alekperov started his career on an oil rig in the Caspian Sea and later became the youngest deputy energy minister in Russian history.
  • Alekperov’s company, Lukoil, is Russia’s largest independent oil company, accounting for 2% of global oil production.
  • In addition to his oil interests, Alekperov co-owns the IFD Kapital Group, diversifying his business into various sectors including asset management, banking, media, information technology, and real estate.
  • Alekperov, along with Leonid Fedun, owns Heesen Yachts, a luxury yacht builder. Their latest yacht, the 80-meter GENESIS, is the largest ever built at Heesen.
  • Vagit Alekperov’s estimated net worth is $26 billion, making him one of Russia’s richest individuals.

Lukoil: Alekperov’s Brainchild

Alekperov leads Lukoil, a major player in the global fuel and energy sector and the largest independent oil company in Russia. Lukoil’s operations span across the globe, accounting for 2% of the world’s total oil production. As of 2019, the company boasted more than 100,000 employees and exceeded US$ 100 billion in sales, with a net profit of US$ 8 billion. The firm also owns and operates over 2,000 gas stations in the USA.

The company’s journey began in 1991 as Langepas-Uray-Kogalymneft, a subsidiary of the Ministry of Fuel and Energy. It was transformed into Lukoil Oil Company in 1993, with Alekperov assuming the presidency since its inception.

IFD Kapital Group: Diversifying Ventures

Beyond his involvement in the oil industry, Alekperov co-owns the IFD Kapital Group with Leonid Fedun, a venture formed from all non-oil assets of Lukoil. IFD Kapital Group, with over US$ 15 billion in assets, diversifies its business across asset management, banking, media, information technology, and real estate sectors. The group’s significant investments include the Russian Media Group, housing numerous radio stations, and the Bank Petrocommerce Group.

Heesen Yachts: A Nautical Interest

Alekperov, along with Leonid Fedun, also owns Heesen Yachts. They purchased this enterprise from founder Frans Heesen in 2008 for a sum of EUR 170 million (US$ 200 million). Heesen Yachts, an acclaimed luxury yacht builder, boasts annual sales of over US$ 125 million.

The 80-meter GALACTICA (Project Cosmos) is the latest addition to Alekperov’s collection of yachts, marking him as a proud owner of the largest yacht ever built at Heesen. In 2022, the yacht was renamed Genesis and its legal title transferred to an offshore company within the Lukoil Group. Following this, the Heesen shipyard was sold to an independent Dutch foundation.

Vagit Alekperov’s Net Worth

With an estimated net worth of $26 billion, Vagit Alekperov has emerged as one of the richest men in Russia, marking his enormous success in the energy sector.

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