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Name:Eric Wittouck
Net Worth:$10 billion
Source of Wealth:Artal Group SA / Tiense Suyker
Born:October 5, 1946
Wife:Mayu Wittouck
Private Jet:Unknown

Unveiling the Entrepreneurial Journey of Eric Wittouck

Eric Wittouck, a luminary in the world of international business and investment, is known for his successful investments and his entrepreneurial acumen. This wealthy Belgian businessman, born on October 5, 1946, is the illustrious founder of the Artal Group SA and a notable figure in the global investment landscape.

Key Takeaways

  • Eric Wittouck is the founder of Artal Group SA and a major figure in the global investment landscape.
  • He inherited the Tiense Suiker fortune in his thirties and later sold the company for around $1.5 billion.
  • Wittouck’s Artal Group owns a diverse investment portfolio, from praline maker Neuhaus to biotech company Plant Genetic Systems.
  • One of his most lucrative investments was in Weight Watchers, which saw a significant increase in value when Oprah Winfrey bought 10% of the shares.
  • Eric Wittouck’s estimated net worth is over $10 billion.

The Inheritance of the Tiense Suyker Fortune

Wittouck was just in his thirties when he inherited the assets of his late parents, becoming a major shareholder in the family-run business, Tiense Suiker. This significant inheritance not only marked the commencement of his journey into the world of business and investment but also played a pivotal role in his later success.

In the 1980s, demonstrating a keen business sense and eye for strategic opportunities, Wittouck sold Tiense Suiker to the German sugar conglomerate, Südzucker. This transaction was valued at an impressive $1.5 billion, thus paving the way for his future investment endeavors.

Building the Investment Empire: Artal Group

The Artal Group is a prominent investment group founded by Wittouck. With a diverse and impressive portfolio, Artal Group’s investments have significantly contributed to Wittouck’s wealth, which now stands at more than $10 billion.

Wittouck, demonstrating his penchant for identifying lucrative investment opportunities, sold his shares in the organic animal nutrition group Blue Buffalo to General Mills in 2018. This deal resulted in an impressive profit of $3.5 billion, further enhancing his financial prowess.

Artal Group’s investments are not limited to just one industry. The group boasts a diverse investment portfolio that includes investments in praline manufacturer Neuhaus, fast-food chain Pizza Hut, Ghent biotech firm Plant Genetic Systems, and the globally renowned diet company, Weight Watchers.

Noteworthy Investment: Weight Watchers

One of Wittouck’s notable investments under Artal Group was the acquisition of the diet company Weight Watchers in 1999, for a hefty sum exceeding $700 million. This investment skyrocketed in value when TV celebrity Oprah Winfrey bought 10 percent of the shares in 2015. To this day, Wittouck still retains 20% of the Weight Watchers shares, underlining his continued belief in the company’s potential.

Eric Wittouck Net Worth

As a testament to his successful ventures and sound investment strategies, Wittouck’s net worth is now estimated at more than $10 billion, making him one of the wealthiest individuals in the world.


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Wittouck is de nieuwe ‘Rijkste Belg’ – De Standaard

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Eric Wittouck House

Eric Wittouck Yacht

He was the owner of the Perini Navi motor yacht EXUMA. The yacht was sold Wittouck ordered a 55-meter (180) explorer yacht in the  Netherlands. She is named Shinkai.

The yacht EXUMA was built by Perini Navi in 2010. She is designed by Vitruvius Ltd. She was sold to Ray Debbane, who named her Falco Moscata.


The motor yacht is powered by Caterpillar engines. Her max speed is 17 knots. Her cruising speed is 12 knots. She has a range of more than 3000 nm.


The luxury yacht can accommodate 11 guests and a crew of 7.

Exuma was sold to Raymond Debbana, who named her Falco Moscata.