JOEP VAN DEN NIEUWENHUIZEN – Net Worth $100 Million – Owner of the Yacht Blue Gold

Name:Joep van den Nieuwenhuyzen
Net Worth:$ 100 million
Source of Wealth:Begemann Group
Born:November 17, 1955
Country:the Netherlands
Spouse:Carlita van der Valk (ex)
Children:Bob van den Nieuwenhuyzen, Bas van den Nieuwenhuyzen.
Private Jet:n/a
Yacht:Blue Gold

Who is Joep van den Nieuwenhuyzen?

He is a Dutch investor. In the 1980’s he bought bankrupt companies and turned them around to profitability. He was married to Carlita van der Valk. He has 2 sons (Bob and Bas).


In 1985 he acquired the Royal Begemann Group. The Begemann group grew within a few years into a company with 140 subsidiaries with a value of 1.35 billion dollars.

Van den Nieuwenhuyzen was accused of insider trading. In 2006 he was convicted of fraud.  In 2020 he was ordered by a Dutch court to pay $ 15 million to the Dutch authorities. The prosecutor had claimed $ 110 million.

Net Worth

His net worth was reported at $ 100 million.

Yacht Blue Gold Owner

Joep van den Nieuwenhuyzen

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Joep van den Nieuwenhuyzen House

Van den Nieuwenhuizen Yacht

He was the owner of the yacht Blue Gold.