Owner of the Yacht Black Legend

Name:Owner of Black Legend
Net Worth:> $ 100 million
Source of Wealth:Unknown
Private Jet:Airbus ACH130
Yacht:Black Legend
Yacht (2):Black Sails

Who is Owner of the yacht Black Legend?

He is a millionaire based in Monaco. He is also owner of the sailing  yacht Black Sails. Further he owns an all black Airbus ACH 130 helicopter. He also owns a collection of rare cars, most of which are black, with a large red skull.

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Yacht Black Legend Owner

Yacht Owner

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Black Legend - Black Sails

Black Legend yacht – 50m – Overmarine

Black Legend Bentley Bentayga

Black Legend owner Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

Black Legend owner Ferrari-f12tdf (1)

Airbus ACH130 helicopter Black Legend

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