SERGEY ADONIEV • Net Worth $3 Billion • House • Yacht Anatta • Private Jet • JFC

Name:Sergey Adoniev
Net Worth:$3 billion
Source of Wealth:Joint Food Company (JFC)
Born:28 January 1961
Wife:Maria Adonieva
Residence:Kiev, Ukraine, New York, USA
Private Jet:(S5-SAD) Bombardier Global 6000
Yacht 2:Addiction

Born in Russia in 1961, Sergey Adoniev is a man of many accomplishments. This accomplished businessman is best known for his ventures such as the Joint Food Company and the telecommunications operator Skartel, popularly known by its trade name, Yota.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sergey Adoniev is a successful Russian entrepreneur, known for his ventures in the fruit importing and telecommunications sectors.
  • His first company, Olbi-Jazz, quickly became one of Russia’s biggest fruit and sugar importers.
  • The Joint Food Company, Adoniev’s subsequent venture, leads the fruit importing industry in Russia.
  • Adoniev founded Telconet Capital and had significant stakes in Skartel, a telecommunications operator functioning under the trade name Yota. Yota was the first 4G service provider in Russia.
  • He is also the owner of the luxury sailing yacht Anatta.
  • Adoniev’s net worth is estimated around $800 million, with claims of having received $3 billion from selling his shares in the Joint Food Company.

The Genesis: Joint Food Company

Adoniev’s entrepreneurial journey started in 1994 when he, alongside Oleg Boyko and Vladimir Kekhman, established Olbi-Jazz, a fruit importing company. In the span of a year, Olbi-Jazz skyrocketed to become one of Russia’s premier importers of fruit and sugar. Following the sale of Olbi to the National Sport Fund, Adoniev didn’t pause. He swiftly embarked on his next venture, the Joint Food Company (JFC), a fruit importing company that is now leading the industry in Russia. It was a fruitful decision, as in 2001, he sold his shares in the company for a staggering $3 billion, according to an interview.

The Tech Game: Yota and Skartel

In 2006, Adoniev expanded his portfolio by founding Telconet Capital. The firm was the main shareholder of Skartel, a telecommunications operator functioning under the trade name Yota. Yota emerged as Russia’s pioneer provider of quick mobile data, offering 4G services. Skartel didn’t restrict its operations to Russia. It branched out, extending its services to several Latin American countries, thus solidifying its global presence.

Superyacht Owner: Anatta

However, Adoniev’s ventures aren’t limited to the business world. He is also a luxury superyacht owner, a testament to his success and opulence. He currently owns the sailing yacht Anatta, designed by Dubois and built by Vitters in 2011.

Sergey Adoniev: An Impressive Fortune

Estimates place Adoniev’s net worth at around $800 million. However, in one interview, he claimed that he received $3 billion for his stake in the Joint Food Company alone. Despite the disparity, one thing remains certain: Adoniev has built a remarkable legacy through his ventures, earning him a comfortable spot among Russia’s wealthiest individuals.


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Yacht Anatta Owner

Sergey Adoniev

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Sergey Adoniev House

Adoniev Yacht

He is the owner of the sailing yacht Anatta and the Amels motor yacht Addiction.

The sailing yacht Anatta is a 2011 model designed by Dubois and built by Vitters.

She’s powered by Caterpillar engines, can reach a maximum speed of 12 knots, and has a cruising speed of 10 knots. Her range extends beyond 2,000 nautical miles.

The Anatta yacht can accommodate up to 12 guests and a crew of 10, making her a perfect luxury yacht for private cruising.

The Addiction yacht is a masterpiece designed by Tim Heywood and built by Amels in 2010.
It is powered by MTU engines and has a maximum speed of 17 knots.
The yacht can accommodate 12 guests and a crew of 12.