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Name:Hamad bin Isa al Khalifa
Net Worth:$ 5 billion
Source of Wealth:King of Bahrain
Born:January 28, 1950
Wife:Sabika bint Ibrahim Al Khalifa, Sheia bint Hassan Al-Khrayyesh Al-Ajmi
Children:11, including Salman, Crown Prince of Bahrain
Residence:Al-Sakhir Palace, Bahrain
Private Jet:Boeing 747 (A9C-HAK)
Yacht (2):Al Raya

Who is HRH Hamad bin Isa al Khalifa?

Hamad bin Isa al Khalifa is the King of Bahrain.

King Hamad was crowned king on 14 February 2002. He was previously the country’s Emir (from 1999).  He was born in 1950. He has two wives (Sabika bint Ibrahim Al Khalifa and  Sheila bint Hassan Al-Khrayyesh Al-Ajmi) and 11 children.

He is the son of Isa ibn Salman Al Khalifah, the previous Emir of Bahrain. His uncle Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa is the Prime Minister of the country. He has four wives and has a total of twelve children. Al Khalifah has a great interest in preserving heritage and continues to indulge in a number of sports activities and hobbies. These include falconry, golf, fishing, tennis, and football.

Arabian Horses

The head of state keen interest in Arabian horses caused him to establish the Amiri stables in June 1977. Amiri stables was registered in the World Arabian Horses Organization in September 1978.


Bahrain, officially Kingdom of Bahrain, Mamlakat al-Bahrayn, literally: “Kingdom of the Two Seas”, is a small island country in the Persian Gulf. The middle east country is ruled by the Al Khalifa royal family.

Saudi Arabia lies to the west and is connected to Bahrain via the King Fahd Causeway, which was officially opened on 25 November 1986. Qatar is to the southeast across the Gulf of Bahrain.

Bahrain has close ties to the United States. The country has provided a base for U.S. naval activity in the Persian Gulf since 1947. King Hamad also has good contacts with the British royal family.

The country hosts the F1 Bahrain Grand Prix.

King of Bahrain Net Worth

His net worth is estimated at US$ 5 billion.


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Yacht Alwaeli Owner

King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa of Bahrain

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King of Bahrain Palace

King of Bahrain yacht

The King actually owns two motor yachts: the CRN Alwaeli and the 110 meter Lurssen yacht Al Raya, which was built as Dilbar for Alisher Usmanov.