Rafael Del Pino y Calvo-Sotelo • Net Worth $4.8 Billion • House • Yacht • Private Jet • Ferrovial

Name:Rafael Del Pino y Calvo-Sotelo
Net Worth:$4.8 billion
Source of Wealth:Ferrovial
Born:July 14, 1958
Wife:Astrid Gil Casares (ex)
Children:Rafael del Pino Fernández-Fontecha, Ignacio del Pino y Fernández Fontecha, Juan del Pino Fernandez Fontecha
Private Jet:(9H-OWL) Bombardier Challenger 605

Introducing Rafael Del Pino y Calvo-Sotelo

Born on July 14, 1958, Rafael Del Pino y Calvo-Sotelo stands at the helm of Ferrovial, a global leader in transport infrastructure. He shares his life with Astrid Gil Casares, his wife.

Key Takeaways:

  • Rafael Del Pino y Calvo-Sotelo, born in 1958, is the chairman of Ferrovial.
  • Ferrovial, established in 1954, started as a railroad construction company and has grown into a global leader in transport infrastructure.
  • The company generates over $6 billion in annual sales and employs over 80,000 people.
  • Ferrovial has shares in numerous airports and owns and operates several motorways.
  • Rafael Del Pino’s estimated net worth is $4.8 billion, with him owning around 20% of Ferrovial’s share capital. His sister Maria Del Pino y Calvo-Sotelo is also a major shareholder in the company.

Ferrovial: A Global Leader in Infrastructure

Ferrovial, the brainchild of Rafael’s father, was established in 1954. It embarked on its journey as a railroad construction company – a fact echoed in its name, as ‘Ferrovial‘ translates to ‘railroad’ in Spanish.

Over the years, Ferrovial has diversified and grown, carving out its niche in the transport infrastructure industry. Today, it offers comprehensive services that encompass design, construction, financing, and maintenance.

Boasting annual sales exceeding $6 billion and employing over 80,000 individuals, Ferrovial stands as a testament to progress and success. The company’s vast portfolio includes shares in numerous airports such as Aberdeen Airport, Glasgow Airport, and Southampton Airport.

In addition, Ferrovial owns and operates a range of motorways, including the Autema motorway and the Autopista del Sol in Spain, thus, solidifying its presence in the transport infrastructure domain.

Unveiling Rafael Del Pino’s Net Worth

Rafael Del Pino’s influence and success in Ferrovial have earned him a staggering net worth of $4.8 billion. As per our understanding, he owns approximately 20% of Ferrovial’s share capital, controlled through his holding company, RIJN CAPITAL BV.

Also contributing to the company’s success is his sister, Maria Del Pino y Calvo-Sotelo. As the second-largest shareholder of Ferrovial, Maria too is a billionaire, demonstrating the family’s significant role and stake in the company.


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Rafael Del Pino y Calvo Sotelo

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Rafael Del Pino House

Rafael Del Pino y Calvo-Sotelo Yacht

He is the owner of the Heesen motor yacht Alcor.

The Alcor Yacht was crafted by Heesen Yachts and designed by Aldo Cichero.

Powered by Caterpillar engines, it boasts a max speed of 14 knots and a cruising speed of 10 knots.

Accommodating 12 guests and a crew of 6, it offers an unmatched level of service and comfort.