STELIOS HAJI IOANNOU – Net Worth $1.2 billion – Owner of the yacht Fly Me To The Moon

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Yacht Owners Database 2024

Yacht Owners Database 2024

Name:Stelios Haji-Ioannou
Born:February 14, 1967
Net Worth:$1 billion
Source of Wealth:Easy Group / Easy Jet
Country:Greece / UK / Monaco
Residence:Monaco, MC
Private Jet:Please send us a message if you have info.
Yacht:Fly Me To The Moon

Who is Stelios Haji-Ioannou?

Stelios Haji-Ioannou was born in February 1967 in Athens, Greece. His father Loucas Haji-Ioannou was a successful shipping magnate born in Cyprus. Stelios is known as the founder of EasyJet. He lives in Monaco.

At the age of 25 he received US$ 45 million from his father to start his own company. He founded Stelmar Shipping based in Athens in 1992. Stelmar grew to operate 41 oil tankers. In 2001 Stelmar was floated on the New York Stock Exchange. In 2004 it was sold to Fortress Investment Group LLC for US$677 million.

In 2006, at the age of 39, Stelios received a knighthood from HM Queen Elizabeth II for services to entrepreneurship. Since 2009 he has been the Honorary General Consul for the Republic of Cyprus in the Principality of Monaco.


In 1995 at the age of 28, Stelios founded EasyJet. EasyJet is a low-cost airline based in London. It has a fleet of 260 aircraft and transports more than 75,000,000 passengers per year. In 2000 Easy Jet was listed on the London stock exchange (but Stelios kept ownership of the Easy brand). Stelios and his family still own 30% of the shares.


Stelios is the owner of the EasyGroup, which acts as his investment holding. The group is licensing the Easy brand name to companies offering consumers more value for less.

Companies include EasyCar, EasyHotel, EasyGym, and Easy Office. EasyGroup owns more than 1000 registered trademarks.

Stelios Haji-Ioannou Net Worth

His net worth is estimated at US$ 1.2 billion.


He is the founder of the Stelios Philanthropic Foundation, which supports charitable activities in the UK, Greece, Cyprus, and Monaco. In 2019 Stelios donated US$ 10 million to his fund.

Sir Stelios also signed the Giving Pledge,  a commitment by the world’s wealthiest individuals to dedicate the majority of their wealth to giving back.