JOHN ROSATTI – Net Worth $400 million – Owner of the yacht DB9

Name:John Rosatti
Born:March 1, 1944
Net Worth:$ 400 million
Source of Wealth:Plaza Auto Mall
Wife:Bonni Sandra Rosatti (deceased 2000)
Children:Adam J. Rosatti, Angela Rosatti, Crystal Rosatti
Residence:West Palm Beach, Florida
Private Jet:
Bombardier Global 5000 (N1JR)

Who is John Rosatti?

Rosatti was born in March 1944. He was married to Bonni. They had 3 children (Adam, Angela, and Crystal). Unfortunately, Bonni died in a car crash in 2000.

He is the founder of the Plaza Auto Mall. Plaza Auto Mall is a large automotive group active in New York. He is also the founder of the restaurant chains Burger Fi and Vic & Angelo’s. Rosatti has his own website.

Plaza Auto Mall

Rosatti is the founder of the Plaza Auto Mall. Based in New York. Plaza sells Hyundai, Acura, Honda, Toyota and Kia cars.

Plaza Auto Mall was founded by Rosatti in 1975. It sells more than 20,000 cars per year. Annual sales are above US$ 500 million. The company is within the Top 100 of dealership groups in the USA.

Burger Fi

He is the founder of Burger Fi, a fast-growing all-natural gourmet burger franchise. The company has more than 100 stores.

Burger Fi has been rewarded with several titles as ‘best burger, ‘franchise of the year’. And ‘fastest-growing company’. Burger Fi is famous for its high-quality meat.

Rosatti Net Worth

His net worth is estimated at $400 million. He is an active philanthropist. Donating to many good causes such as a $1 million gift to the Benjamin School in North Palm Beach.

The gift led to the opening of the Rosatti Administrative/Library and Media Center. Which was named in honor of his late wife, Bonni. Bonni died in a car crash in 2000.  


Rosatti has owned more than 15 yachts. The latest is the 52 meter Palmer Johnson DB9. Before that he owned the 69-meter Codecasa Double Down. She was sold in 2018. Before Double Down he owned the 49 meter Christensen Remember When. Which he sold in 2015. Other yachts were the 47 meters Christensen Nice n Easy and the 127ft Crescent Take It Easy.

He has also owned several sportfishing yachts. And a 50’ Cigarette Marauder. Together with his friend John Staluppi he founded Millenium Superyachts. Which created the 68 knots ‘The World is Not Enough.

yacht Double Down - 65m - Codecasa
yacht Double Down - 65m - Codecasa

M/Y Double Down Yacht

The yacht Double Down is a 65 meter (214 ft) Codecasa, delivered in 2010. She was built for Hong Kong-based real estate developer Joseph Lau.

Lau owns a 61% stake in Chinese Estates Holdings. It is a major property developer and real estate brokerage company. Joseph Lau is one of the richest men in Hong Kong with a net worth of US$ 17 billion.


Double Down can accommodate 19 guests and has a crew of 20.  The yacht’s interior is designed by Della Role Design. Her interior was reworked by Evan K Marshall in 2016.

Double Down was sold in 2018. Her asking price was US$ 45 million.

Remember When yacht
yacht Remember When

MY Remember When

Remember When was built by Christensen in 2010. She is powered by 2 MTU engines. Her top speed is 17 knots.


The yacht can accommodate 12 guests and has a crew of 11.


The yacht is available for yacht charter.

Yacht Owner Database

SuperYacht Owners Database 8-2023

SuperYacht Owners Database 8-2023

World Is Not Enough yacht - 42m - Millennium - Staluppi
World Is Not Enough yacht - 42m - Millennium - Staluppi

World Is Not Enough

Millenium created the fastest yacht ‘The World is Not Enough’. She is capable of 70 knots.

World Is Not Enough - 42m - Millennium

John Rosatti House

John owns two houses, one in Palm Beach Garden and one in Fort Lauderdale. Both mansions are waterfront properties and have boat docking facilities.

He also owns an apartment in New York. His car is a Rolls Royce Wraith.

Rosatti is the owner of a Bombardier Global 5000 private jet with registration N1JR. The aircraft can accommodate 12 passengers.

The jet was delivered in 1999 and has a purchase price of US$ 45 million. He previously owned a Gulfstream G-IV with the same registration.


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Yacht Owners Database

SuperYacht Owners Database 8-2023

SuperYacht Owners Database 8-2023