WAFIC SAID • Net Worth $2 Billion • House • Yacht • Private Jet • TAG Systems Constructions SA

Name:Wafic Said
Net Worth:$2 billion
Source of Wealth:TAG Systems Constructions SA
Born:December 20, 1939
Country:Saudi Arabia
Wife:Rosemary Thompson
Children: Karim Said, Khaled Said, Rasha Said
Private Jet:B737 BBJ (VP-BWR)

Who is Wafic Said?

Wafic Said is the founder of TAG Systems Constructions SA. He was born on December 20, 1939. He is married to Rosemary Thompson.

He has several investments in the company and real estate. Including a venture capital and investment firm called Strategic Investment and Finance Corp (SIFCORP).

TAG Systems Constructions SA

Tag Systems Constructions is a civil engineering and telecommunications company. It realized lucrative contracts with the Saudi government, thanks to close ties with the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia.


His investments include Washington Bancorp, British Mediterranean Airways and Garfinckel’s department stores.

How Much is Wafic Said Net Worth?

His net worth is $2 billion.


Wafic and his wife Rosemary Said are active philanthropists. They founded the Karim Rida Saïd Foundation, named after their youngest son, who drowned in the swimming pool of Prince Sultan in Saudi Arabia. (Prince Sultan was the owner of the yacht Al Salamah).

They donated  £20 million to the University of Oxford to form the Said Business School and they funded the Wafic Saïd Molecular Cardiology Research Laboratories at the Texas Heart Institute.


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Wafic and Rosemary Said

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Wafic Said Yacht

He is the owner of the motor yacht Zenobia.