THOMAS HAFFA • Net Worth $300 Million • House • Yacht • Private Jet • EM TV

Name:Thomas Haffa
Net Worth:$300 million
Source of Wealth:EM TV
Born:18 apr. 1952
Wife:Gabriele Haffa
Children:Felix Haffa, Daniel Haffa
Residence:Zurich, Switzerland
Private Jet:Pls send a message if you have info

Who is Thomas Haffa?

Thomas Haffa founded EM.TV. a media company in Germany. It is now called Constantin Medien AG. He was born in 1952. He is married to Gabriele Haffa. He has 2 children, Felix and Daniel.


Thomas Haffa was a German media entrepreneur and the co-founder of EM.TV & Merchandising AG, a German media company that was active in the 1990s and early 2000s. EM.TV was known for its acquisition of a large stake in the children’s entertainment company, The Jim Henson Company, which owns the rights to the Muppets franchise, among other popular brands.

Haffa was a controversial figure in the media industry, known for his aggressive business tactics and his willingness to take risks. Under his leadership, EM.TV became one of the largest media companies in Europe, with a portfolio that included a variety of TV channels, production companies, and other media assets.

However, the company faced financial difficulties in the early 2000s and was eventually forced to sell off many of its assets. Haffa resigned from his position as CEO in 2000 and EM.TV eventually filed for bankruptcy in 2002.

Despite the difficulties faced by EM.TV, Thomas Haffa is still remembered as a significant figure in the German media industry, known for his innovative and risk-taking approach to business. Today, he is retired and is no longer active in the media industry.

In 2000 EM.TV’s market capitalization was about €10 billion. The company acquired the Jim Henson Company and 50% of SLEC Ltd., SLEC was the holding company of the famous Formula One racing series.

Formula One Racing Series

EM TV had an option to purchase another 25% of SLEC Ltd. from Bernie Ecclestone for 1 Billion EUR. But EM.TV had problems funding the transaction via the capital markets.

Between late 2000, when the company reported incorrect quarterly results, and 2002. EM.TV’s stock fell from its price of €120 EUR to penny stock status.

In April 2003, Haffa was fined 1.2 million euros for misleading shareholders.

Ocean Independence

Together with his brother Florian Haffa, he is the owner of Ocean Independence and Air IndependenceOcean Independence is a leader in luxury yachts, specialized in yacht sales, yacht charter, new yacht construction and yacht management.

In May 2010, he and his wife Gabriele also bought the shipping company Dahm International, which was one of the world’s largest yacht dealers at that time.

How Much is Thomas Haffa Net Worth?

His Net Worth is estimated at $250 million. On the 1999 Forbes rich list, he was mentioned as a billionaire.


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