SAMARK LOPEZ • Net Worth $500 Million • House • Yacht • Private Jet • Venezuela

Name:Samark Lopez
Net Worth:US$ 0.5 billion
Source of Wealth:Profit Corporation
Born:July 27, 1974
Private Jet:(N200VR) Gulfstream G200

Who is Samark Lopez?

Samark Lopez is a Venezuelan businessman with close ties to the government. He was born in July 1974 in Venezuela. He oversees an international network of petroleum, distribution, engineering, telecommunications, and asset-holding companies. Alfa One, C.A. (Venezuela), Grupo Sahect, C.A. (Venezuela), MFAA Holdings Limited (British Virgin Islands).

And Profit Corporation C.A. (Venezuela), Servicios Tecnologicios Industriales, C.A. (Venezuela). And SMT Tecnologia, C.A. (Venezuela) and Yakima Trading Corporation (Panama).

Profit Corporation, C.A. and SMT Tecnologia, C.A. have Venezuelan government contracts.

Samark Lopez Net Worth

There is not much information about this net worth available. But given the fact that he owns a group of large companies. And two yachts and a Gulfstream private jet. We estimate his net worth at US$ 500 million dollar.

US Sanctions List

The United States Department of Treasury, Office of Foreign Assets Control, has placed the sitting vice president of Venezuela, Tareck El Aissami, as well as Lopez on its sanctions list.

The listing is made pursuant to the authority that targets foreign narcotics traffickers. The allegations relate to Mr. El Aissami’s purported role in drug trafficking.

According to Mr Samark’s personal website, the listing provides no factual evidence or legal justification. As to why he should be placed on the list. Other than that Lopez and Tareck El Aissami are personal acquaintances. According to Samark the listing appears to be politically motivated.


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Samark Lopez

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Samark Lopez House

Samark Lopez Yacht

He was the owner of the Trinity yacht Waku. He used to own a larger Benetti yacht, also named Waku. She was confiscated by the US government and was auctioned. She is now named MOCA. The Trinity is now named Nina Lu. She is owned by Miami-based property developer Riccardo Sarria, who named the yacht after his daughter Nina Lu Sarria.