KHEIR EDDINE EL JISIR • Net Worth $200 million • House • Yacht • Private Jet • Saudi Oger

Name:Kheir Eddine El Jisir
Net Worth:$ 0,2 billion
Source of Wealth:Saudi Oger
Born:June 1953
Private Jet:Unknown

Who is Kheir Eddine El Jisir?

Kheir Eddine El Jisir is a Lebanese/ Saudi businessman,  active for the construction company Saudi Oger. He was born in June, 1953. He is married.

Unfortunately, we have not been able to find much information about him. But we did find some evidence that he also owns the Austal yacht Serenity.

Saudi Oger

Saudi Oger is a now-defunct construction company, active in Saudi Arabia. It was owned by the Lebanese Hariri family.

It was active for 39 years but closed down in 2017 after it was hit hard by the slowdown in Saudi’s construction sector and delays in government payments.

Saudi Oger was forced to lay off thousands of workers – many of whom were not paid wages – and sell off many of its assets.

How Much is Kheir Eddine El Jisir Net Worth?

We estimate his net worth at $200 million.

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Kheir Eddine El Jisir Yacht

He is the owner of the yacht SERENITY.

The SERENITY yacht was built by Austal in 2003. She is a converted mini cruise ship.

Her previous names were Obsession and Tu Moana. The conversion was done under the guidance of designer Luiz de Basto.