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Name:Mohammed and Meshal Almarzouq
Net Worth:US$ 500 million
Source of Wealth:Tamdeen Group
Born:December 1965
Private Jet:Pls send a message if you have info

The Rise and Influence of Mohammed Al Marzouq

In the bustling world of Kuwaiti business and real estate, few names shine as brightly as Mohammed al Marzouq. As the Chairman of the Tamdeen Group, he has etched his name as a leader in the realm of real estate development and entertainment in Kuwait.

Key Takeaways:

  • Legacy Builder: Mohammed al Marzouq spearheads the influential Tamdeen Group.
  • Retail Giants: Their portfolio boasts of landmark projects like the Al Kout Mall and the forthcoming Al Khiran Hybrid Outlet Mall.
  • Collaborative Leadership: Together with his brother, Meshal Al Marzouq, they continue the family’s legacy, even in luxury yachting.
  • Banking Magnate: Mohammed’s influence stretches to banking with his significant role in Ahli United Bank.
  • Wealth: The Al Marzouq family’s estimated net worth surpasses $500 million.
  • The family is owner of the NAJIBA Yacht.

Tamdeen Group: Shaping Kuwait’s Landscape

The Tamdeen Group is a name synonymous with innovation in real estate development and entertainment. Their ventures, which span from opulent shopping malls to upscale restaurants, have transformed Kuwait’s urban landscape.
Their crowning jewel, the Al Kout Mall, stands as one of Kuwait’s paramount shopping and entertainment hubs. The grandeur of the Al Kout project isn’t just limited to its 360 stores but extends to its marina, plush hotels, state-of-the-art cinema, and gourmet restaurants.

But the Tamdeen Group’s vision isn’t confined to past laurels. Their ambitious Al Khiran Hybrid Outlet Mall promises to redefine retail luxury. With a staggering investment exceeding $800 million, it’s set to house 300 stores and flaunt Kuwait’s grandest marina.

At the helm of this expansive empire is Mohamed Al Marzoud, steering the company as its CEO, ensuring its continued trajectory of growth and innovation.

Meshal Al Marzouq: The Complementary Pillar

Mohammed’s brother, Meshal Al Marzouq, plays an equally pivotal role as the Chairman of the company. Their mutual visions and combined leadership have not only driven the Tamdeen Group’s success but also influenced personal investments. A testament to their combined opulence is the yacht Najiba, an epitome of luxury named in honor of their mother.

Diversifying into Banking: Ahli United Bank

The Al Marzouq family’s influence isn’t restricted to real estate and entertainment. The Tamdeen Group holds a notable share in the Ahli United Bank, which dominates as the largest bank in Bahrain. This banking behemoth is not just confined to Bahrain but is also actively listed in Kuwait’s stock market. Cementing his prowess in the banking sector, Mohammed al Marzouq holds the esteemed position of deputy chairman of the bank.

Decoding the Wealth

The collective endeavors and successful ventures of the Al Marzouq family have amassed them significant fortune. Their estimated net worth, a testament to their business acumen and strategic investments, stands at an impressive figure surpassing $500 million.

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Yacht Najiba Owner


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Mohammed and Meshal Almarzouq House

Mohammed and Meshal Almarzouq Yacht

They are the owners of the Feadship yacht Najiba which they named after their mother.
Shipbuilder Legacy: The Najiba yacht was masterfully constructed by Feadship.
Design Brilliance: Under the expert hands of Philippe Briand, Najiba’s design shines.
Performance: Boasting MTU engines, her capabilities include a max speed of 16 knots and a cruising speed of 12 knots.
Ownership: Owned by the Al Marzouq brothers, with Mohammed al Marzouq heading the Tamdeen Group.
Valuation: The yacht has an estimated value of $50 million.