JAMES DYSON • Net Worth $10 Billion • House • Yacht • Private Jet • Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

Name:James Dyson
Net Worth:$10 billion
Source of Wealth:Dyson Group
Born:May 2, 1947
Wife:Deirdre Dyson Hindmarsh
Children:Emily Dyson, Sam Dyson, Jake Dyson
Residence:Dodington Park, South Gloucestershire, UK
Private Jet:Gulfstream G650 (G-VIOF), Gulfstream G650ER (G-GSVI)

Who is James Dyson?

Mr. James Dyson is the inventor of the bagless vacuum cleaner. He was born in May 1947. He is married to Lady Deirdre Dyson. They have 3 children (Emily Dyson, Sam Dyson, Jake Dyson). He is a member of the Order of Merit and a Knight Bachelor. He patented his Dual Cyclon separation technology.

Dyson Company

Dyson is a household appliance manufacturer, founded in 1987 by MR. Dyson. The company is known for its bagless vacuum cleaner. But also produces hand and hair dryers and bladeless fans.

The company has annual sales of more than $5 billion. And has more than 9,000 employees.

The company’s founder was disappointed with the way existing vacuum cleaners used bags to trap dust. Losing suction when the bags are filled with dirt. He found out that a cyclone separating system was more effective.

He also owns a farming business, named Beeswax Dyson Farming. It has invested more than US$ 100 million in new technologies. Such as precision farming, improved drainage, and soil quality.


He is best known as the inventor of the bagless vacuum cleaner. In 1978 he had the idea of using cyclonic separation. To create a vacuum cleaner that would not lose suction as it picked up dirt. Nowadays the Dyson vacuum cleaner is sold in over 65 countries.

In the summer of 2018, he announced plans for an electric car.  The company announced it will invest “in excess of $1 billion” in the Electric Vehicle project.

Dyson Foundation

The inventor is an active philanthropist through his James Dyson Foundation. The foundation supports support design and engineering education around the world.

The Imperial Colleges London opened the Dyson School of Design Engineering after a US$ 15 million donation.

His Dyson Award is an international student design award. That challenges young people to “design something that solves a problem”. The aim is to prepare the next generation of design engineers.

James Dyson Net Worth

His net worth is $10 billion. In 2007 he was appointed a Knight Bachelor. Which earned him the title Sir.

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James Dyson

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10 Facts about Sir James Dyson you probably didn’t know

  1. His father died of cancer when he was 18.
  2. He studied furniture and interior design at the Royal College of Art.
  3. His first invention was the Ballbarrow a variation of the wheelbarrow.
  4. And he designed a Wheelboat, which could travel on both land and water.
  5. In 1970 he thought about using cyclonic separation for a vacuum cleaner.
  6. As he was frustrated with his normal cleaner’s diminishing performance.
  7. He made 5,127 prototypes before he launched the G-Force cleaner in ‘83.
  8. His company now realizes sales of more than $5 billion per year.
  9. He is net worth is $10 billion.
  10. He and his wife Lady Dyson spent five years to rebuild and restore the Nahlin yacht.










James Dyson House

Dyson Yacht Nahlin

He is the owner of the classic yacht Nahlin.