JUAN CARLOS MAS • Net Worth $500 Million • House • Yacht • Private Jet • Mastec • Miami

Name:Juan Carlos Mas
Net Worth:US$ 0.5 billion
Source of Wealth:Mastec
Wife:Vivian Mas
Residence:Coral Gables
Private Jet:(N1777M) Gulfstream G650
Yacht:Muchos Mas

Who is Juan Carlos Mas?

The story of the Mas family is one of resilience, entrepreneurial spirit, and philanthropy. Central to this tale is Juan Carlos Mas, an influential figure in the realm of business and a symbol of the American Dream realized.

Key Takeaways:

  • Juan Carlos Mas is a co-owner of MasTec, a major infrastructure construction company.
  • MasTec is involved in a wide range of projects, from renewable energy to communication infrastructure.
  • The Mas family established Neff Corporation, a leader in construction equipment rental.
  • Juan Carlos chairs The Mas Group, focusing on real estate and healthcare.
  • The Mas Family Foundation champions education for Cuban-American students.
  • Estimated net worth of Juan Carlos exceeds US$ 500 million.
  • He is the owner of the Muchos Mas Yacht.
  • Brother Jorge Mas co-owns the soccer club Inter Miami CF.

Juan Carlos Mas: The Legacy Continues

As co-owner of MasTec alongside his brothers, Jorge Mas and Jose Mas, Juan Carlos has etched an impressive mark in the business landscape. MasTec, a brainchild of their father, Jorge Mas Canosa, stands today as a testament to the family’s hard work and vision.

Jorge Mas Canosa: The Pillar of the Mas Dynasty

A Cuban-American immigrant, Jorge Mas Canosa not only laid the foundation for MasTec but also championed the cause of his fellow immigrants by founding the Cuban American National Foundation. Juan Carlos, following in his father’s footsteps, has held various pivotal roles at MasTec, including presiding over its international operations. His business acumen also extended to the Neff Corporation, where he served on the board and held the position of vice chairman.

MasTec: Building America’s Infrastructure

With its hands in a plethora of projects, MasTec stands as one of the premier infrastructure construction companies in the US. The company, boasting a staggering revenue of $6.6 billion and a workforce of around 22,000, delves into an array of sectors. From renewable energy projects like wind and solar farms to communication and utility infrastructure, MasTec is a name synonymous with quality and reliability.

Neff Corporation: The Rental Powerhouse

Another feather in the Mas family’s cap, the Neff Corporation, became a beacon in the construction and utility equipment rental industry. Founded by the Mas brothers, the company saw exponential growth, branching out to over 80 locations nationwide. In 2005, it caught the eye of investors and was acquired for a whopping US$ 300 million.

The Mas Group: Diversification at its Best

Juan Carlos Mas showcases his versatility as the Chairman of The Mas Group, focusing on real estate development and healthcare investments.

Philanthropy: Giving Back to the Community

Beyond their business ventures, the Mas family has consistently given back through the Mas Family Foundation. Catering especially to Cuban-American students with limited resources, the foundation emphasizes the importance of education.

Net Worth and Achievements

Juan Carlos’s dedication and business acumen have garnered him an estimated net worth of over US$ 500 million. His brother, Jorge Mas, not just chairs MasTec but has also made strides in the sports world as a co-owner of Inter Miami CF, a major player in the Major League Soccer scene since 2020.

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Juan Carlos Mas

Jorge Mas, Jose Mas, Juan Carlos Mas

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Juan Carlos Mas Yacht

He is the owner of the Crescent yacht Muchos Mas.

Muchos Mas is a luxury yacht built by Crescent in 2017.

The Muchos Mas yacht’s exceptional design is credited to Jonathan Quinn Barnett.

Features include a large master suite and a sun deck hot tub.

Powered by MTU engines, it offers a max speed of 18 knots.

The interior can house 10 guests and a crew of 10.