TOM MORRIS • Net Worth $2 Billion • House • Yacht • Private Jet • Home Bargains

Name:Tom Morris
Net Worth:$2 billion
Source of Wealth:Home Bargains
Born:February 10, 1954
Wife:Kristina O’Hare
Children:5 (Lisa, Simon)
Private Jet:M-PORT Bombardier Global 5000

Tom Morris: The Man Behind the Discount Retail Revolution

When we talk about entrepreneurial success in the UK’s retail sector, one name that often comes to the fore is Tom Morris. Born on February 10, 1954, Morris not only paved the way for a new kind of shopping experience but also built an empire that stands tall in the country’s business landscape.

Key Takeaways:

  • Founder’s Profile: Tom Morris, born on February 10, 1954, is the visionary founder of Home Bargains and is married to Kristina O’Hare, with whom he shares five children.
  • Home Bargains’ Growth: From a single store in 1976, the brand has proliferated to over 500 outlets, employing more than 22,000 people and offering around 4,000 product lines.
  • Financial Acumen: Tom Morris boasts a net worth of $2 billion, majorly accrued from his retail empire. He strategically holds 90% of the company’s shares, with the remaining 10% vested in a family trust.
  • He is the owner of the MOSKITO Yacht.

Genesis of Home Bargains

Home Bargains represents the pinnacle of Morris’s vision and hard work. Kickstarting his entrepreneurial journey in 1976, Morris introduced a unique store concept called Home and Bargain in Old Swan, Liverpool. What began as a solitary venture in discount retailing soon transformed into a phenomenon. Over the decades, Home Bargains has expanded exponentially, marking its presence with over 500 stores across the nation. Touted as one of the UK’s largest privately-owned entities, Home Bargains is a testament to Morris’s business acumen and strategic foresight.

The store’s vast array of offerings encompass food, clothing, games, and a plethora of household items. With a staggering 4,000 product lines, the brand has become synonymous with quality and affordability. Furthermore, the company’s growth has provided employment opportunities for over 22,000 individuals, making a significant socio-economic impact.

Tom Morris’s Financial Triumph

Tom Morris’s unparalleled success in the retail sector has translated into an impressive net worth of $2 billion. His achievements have not only cemented his position as Liverpool’s wealthiest individual but have also made him a significant player in the UK’s business arena. Morris’s strategic ownership of 90% of Home Bargains’ shares through his flagship TJ Morris Ltd underscores his pivotal role in the company’s growth trajectory. The remaining 10% of the company’s stake is safeguarded in a family trust, ensuring continuity and preserving the brand’s legacy.


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Tom Morris

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Morris Yacht Moskito

He is the owner of the Heesen yacht Moskito.

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