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Name:Alexandre Grendene Bartelle
Net Worth:US$ 2 billion
Source of Wealth:Grendene
Born:January 2, 1950
Wife:Nora Teixeira
Children:Giovana Bartelle, Peter Bartelle, Victoria Braille Grendene Bartelle, Pedro Bartelle
Residence:Porto Alegre
Private Jet:(M407KT) Dassault Falcon X
Yacht:Madame Kate

Who is Alexandre Grendene Bartelle?

Alexandre Grendene Bartelle is the co-founder (together with his twin brother Pedro ) of the shoe empire Grendene. He was born on January 2, 1950. He is married to Nora Teixeira.

Grendene is one of the world´s largest footwear producers, producing more than 250 million pairs per year. The company has 25,000 employees. It is based in Brazil.

13 Factories

Grendene has 13 footwear factories and owns several footwear brands, such as Melissa, Rider, Grendha, Ipanema, Ilhabela, Zaxy, Cartago, Pega Forte, Grendene Kids and Baby.

Alexandre and his brother each hold approximately 35% of the shares. Alexandre is Chairman of the Board of Directors, while his brother Pedro is Vice-Chair.

Grendene Bartelle Net Worth

His net worth is $2 billion.

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Yacht Madame Kate Owner

Alexandre Grendene and Nora Teixeira

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Alexandre Grendene Bartelle House

Grendene Bartelle Yacht Madame Kate

He is the owner of the Amels motor yacht Madame Kate. He named the yacht after his dog.