JOHN EDDIE WILLIAMS • Net Worth $600 Million • House • Yacht • Private Jet • Williams Kherkher

Name:John Eddie Williams
Net Worth:$600 million
Source of Wealth:Williams Kherkher Law Firm
Wife:Sheridan Williams
Children:Kristen Williams, John E Williams Jr.
Residence:Houston, Texas, USA
Private Jet:N2JW – Bombardier Challenger, N94JW – Cessna Citation 525
Yacht:Lady Sheridan

Who is John Eddie Williams?

John Eddie Williams, born in the 1950s, is an influential figure in the legal fraternity. He is recognized as the founding partner of the Williams Kherkher Law Firm, cementing his reputation as a powerful litigator. Williams is married to Sheridan, and together they have a daughter and presumably a son, John Eddie Jr.

Williams’ Pioneering Role in the Historic Big Tobacco Lawsuit

The Big Tobacco lawsuit represents one of the most pivotal moments in legal history, primarily targeting the three largest American tobacco corporations, Philip Morris, Reynolds American and Lorillard. In 1996, Texas Attorney General Dan Morales selected a group of prominent plaintiff lawyers, famously known as the Tobacco Five, on a contingent-fee basis to challenge Big Tobacco’s influence.

The Rise of the Tobacco Five

The Tobacco Five comprised John Eddie Williams, Walter Umphrey, John O’Quinn, Harold Nix, and Wayne Reaud. Their responsibility in filing Texas v. American Tobacco Co., et al was to seek compensation for the healthcare provided to Texans affected by smoking-related illnesses.

A Significant Legal Victory: Earning US$ 3 Billion in Fees

The agreement between the Tobacco Five and the Attorney General required each of them to contribute $2 million from their pockets to cover discovery costs. These costs eventually accumulated to $30 million, but their significant legal victory in 1998 awarded them a massive $3 billion in legal fees to be paid over 25 years. John Eddie Williams’ share in this landmark settlement amounted to a staggering $600 million, which is approximately $24 million per year.

John Eddie Williams’ Net Worth

Thanks to his significant achievements in the field of law, including his triumphant battle against Big Tobacco, John Eddie Williams boasts an estimated net worth of a cool $600 million.

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Yacht Lady Sheridan Owner

John Eddie Williams

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Yacht Lady Sheridan

He was the owner of the yacht Lady Sheridan,  which he named after his wife. He named the yacht’s tender Lady Kristen, after his daughter. He sold the yacht, she is now named AMARAL.

The AMARAL yacht, initially known as the Lady Sheridan, was delivered by Abeking & Rasmussen in 2007.

The yacht’s designs, both interior and exterior, were executed by Donald Starkey.

The vessel can accommodate 12 guests and a crew of 15, and is powered by two Caterpillar engines.

The initial owner was John Eddie Williams, who named the yacht after his wife Sheridan. The current owner is Ralph de la Torre, a renowned US healthcare magnate.

The yacht AMARAL holds an estimated value of $40 million with annual running costs of around $4 million.