ROBERTO TOMASINI-GRINOVER • Net Worth $100 Million • House • Yacht • Private Jet • Vamed Engineering

Net Worth:$100 million
Source of Wealth:Vamed Engineering
Private Jet:Unknown
Yacht:La Pellegrina (sold in 2023)

Roberto Tomasini-Grinover: A Driving Force in Healthcare and Sailing

Roberto Tomasini Grinover, a director of Vamed Engineering, is an influential figure in the healthcare sector in Gabon. Born in the 1960s, he’s known for his astute leadership skills and a distinct passion for sailing. Married to Inga Povsednaja, Tomasini-Grinover is a man of diverse interests and pursuits.

Key Takeaways

  • Roberto Tomasini-Grinover is a dynamic figure with notable influence in Gabon’s healthcare sector as a director of Vamed Engineering.
  • An avid regatta sailor, he owns the 22-meter cruiser-racer, ROBERTISSIMA III and the La Pellegrina Yacht.
  • VAMED, under Tomasini-Grinover’s leadership, plays a significant role in managing and providing technical support to hospitals in Gabon.
  • He serves as a special advisor to President Ali Bongo, evidencing his diverse influence.
  • His estimated net worth stands at $100 million, reflecting his success across his ventures.

Avid Sailor: Roberto Tomasini-Grinover and ROBERTISSIMA III

Apart from his professional accomplishments, Tomasini-Grinover is also an enthusiastic regatta sailor. He is the proud owner of the 22-meter cruiser-racer, ROBERTISSIMA III, a masterpiece built at Green Marine. His dedication to sailing is equally as impressive as his commitment to healthcare.

VAMED Gabon: An Endeavor in Healthcare

VAMED, under Tomasini-Grinover’s leadership, has established itself as a global provider for hospitals and other facilities in the healthcare industry. Particularly in Gabon, Vamed has a significant role in the management and technical support of numerous regional hospitals, including the prestigious Libreville Owendo University Hospital. Through efficient project management and service provision, Vamed covers all aspects of hospital operations, from planning and development to construction.

An Advisor to Power

Roberto Tomasini-Grinover’s influence extends to the political sphere as well. He holds a strategic role as a special advisor to President Ali Bongo, further amplifying his prominence in Gabon.

Roberto Tomasini-Grinover Net Worth

With a multitude of roles and responsibilities, Tomasini-Grinover’s net worth is estimated at a remarkable $100 million.

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He was the owner of the mtor yacht La Pellegrina. He sold the yacht in 2023 to  Greek shipping tycoon DIMITRIOS SOURAVLAS. Souravlas is the co-founder of Stalwart Tankers, owner of a fleet  of mid-size stainless steel chemical tankers.

The La Pellegrina Yacht, an exquisite creation by Couach Yachts and Cano Lanza Yacht Design, exemplifies maritime elegance.

Powered by potent MTU engines, the yacht commands a top speed of 30 knots and a cruising speed of 20 knots.

Inside, the yacht offers luxury accommodation for 12 guests and a dedicated crew of 10.