Steve Rigby • Net Worth $800 Million • House • Yacht • Private Jet

Name:Steve Rigby
Net Worth:$800 million
Source of Wealth:The Rigby Group
Born:December 6, 1972
Wife:Claire Rigby
Residence:West Midlands, UK
Private Jet:Yes, please send info!

Who is Steve Rigby?

Steve Rigby, born on December 6, 1972, is the co-CEO of the Rigby Group. He is the son of Sir Peter Rigby, the founder of the group. Steve is married to Claire Rigby.

Key Takeaways

  • Steve Rigby serves as the co-CEO of Rigby Group, a diversified UK-based group of companies.
  • Rigby Group operates in various sectors, including technology, aviation, hotels, real estate, and investments.
  • Notable subsidiaries of Rigby Group include SCC, Rigby Real Estate, British International Helicopters, Exeter Airport, Eden Hotel Collection, and Rigby Private Equity.
  • The net worth of the Rigby Family is estimated to be around $800 million.

Rigby Group: Diversified UK-based Group

The Rigby Group is a diversified UK-based group of companies with interests in various sectors, including technology, aviation, hotels, real estate, and investments. Founded by Sir Peter Rigby, the privately owned group has established a strong presence in multiple industries.

Here are some of Rigby Group’s subsidiaries and divisions:

  1. SCC (Specialist Computer Centres): SCC specializes in providing technology solutions, IT services, software, and hardware.
  2. Rigby Real Estate: This division focuses on real estate investments and developments across the UK.
  3. British International Helicopters: Providing helicopter transportation, maintenance, and training services.
  4. Exeter Airport: Rigby Group owns and operates Exeter Airport in Devon, England.
  5. Eden Hotel Collection: Operating a portfolio of boutique luxury hotels throughout the UK.
  6. Rigby Private Equity: Focusing on investments in sectors such as technology, aviation, and real estate.

Rigby Net Worth

The net worth of the Rigby Family is estimated to be approximately $800 million.

Steve Rigby’s leadership within the Rigby Group has contributed to its success and expansion across multiple industries. With a strong portfolio of subsidiaries, the group continues to make an impact in the UK business landscape.

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Sir Peter and Steve Rigby

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Steve Rigby Yacht

He is the owner of the Extra Yachts yacht HAZE.

The HAZE Yacht, built by Extra Yachts and designed by Francesco Guida Design, is a luxurious motor yacht known for its elegant and sleek design.

Powered by Volvo Penta engines, the HAZE can reach a maximum speed of 21 knots and has a range of over 2,000 nautical miles.

The interior of the HAZE offers luxury, comfort, and can accommodate 8 guests and a crew of 2.