ALESSANDRA GUCCI & ALLEGRA GUCCI • Net Worth $400 million • House • Yachts • Private Jet

Name:Alessandra and Allegra Gucci
Net Worth:$400 million
Source of Wealth:Gucci
Born:1977, 1981
Allesandra Husband:Federico
Allegra HusbandEnrico Barbieri
Children:Allegra: two children
Private Jet:Pls send info!
Yacht 2:Avel

Who are Alessandra and Allegra Gucci?

Alessandra and Allegra Gucci are the daughters of Maurizio Gucci. They were born in 1977 and 1981.

Maurizio Gucci

Maurizio Gucci (1948 – 1995) was an Italian businessman and head of the Gucci fashion house. He was the grandson of the company’s founder Guccio Gucci.

Maurizio sold the company Gucci to the Bahrain-based investment fund Investcorp.

In 1995, Gucci was gunned down by a hitman hired by his ex-wife Patrizia Reggiani. She wanted to prevent her ex-husband from marrying his new partner, Paola Franchi. The impending marriage would have cut her alimony in half.

House of Gucci

The story is featured in the 2021 movie ‘House of Gucci‘. Lady Gaga is starring as Patrizia Reggiani. The film is directed by Sir Ridley Scott.

Allessandra Gucci

Allessandra was born in 1977.  She inherited her father’s fortune when he was killed by a hitman. Allesandra designed handbags for her own label AG. The label is now in active.

Allessandra lives with her husband Federico and children in Zwitserland, but also owns properties in New York and Milan. She cut all ties with her mother Patricia Reggiani, who still receives $1.2 million as a divorce settlement from her late father’s estate.

Allegra Gucci

Allegra was born in 1981. She was 16 when her father was killed and her mother was arrested. She studied law at the University of Milan. Like her sister, she is married and lives with her husband Enrico Barbieri  in Switzerland. They have 2 children.

Gucci Family Net Worth

The family’s net worth is estimated at $400 million.

Gucci Brand

Gucci is a luxury fashion brand that was founded in Florence, Italy in 1921. It is now a subsidiary of the French conglomerate Kering. Gucci is known for its high-end clothing, leather goods, and accessories, and has become one of the most recognizable and iconic brands in the fashion industry. The brand’s iconic green-red-green stripes and double-G logo have become synonymous with luxury and quality.

Gucci’s success can be attributed to its focus on craftsmanship, attention to detail, and use of high-quality materials. The brand’s iconic designs and timeless style have made it a favorite among fashion enthusiasts and celebrities alike. Gucci’s product line includes clothing for men and women, leather goods, shoes, watches, jewelry, and fragrances. The brand also offers a line of home goods, including furniture, bedding, and decor.

In recent years, Gucci has made efforts to become more sustainable and environmentally conscious. The brand has set a goal to become carbon neutral by 2030 and is working to reduce its use of single-use plastics. Gucci is also a member of the Kering Foundation, which works to empower women and end violence against women.

Under the creative direction of Alessandro Michele, Gucci has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years. Michele’s eclectic and playful approach to fashion has earned him a following among fashion lovers and influencers. Gucci has also made a conscious effort to be more inclusive, offering a wider range of sizes and styles to cater to a diverse customer base.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What happened to Allegra and Alessandra Gucci?

They are both married and are living in Switzerland.

Who is the richest Gucci family member?

Alesandra and Allegra share an estimated fortune of $400 million.

Who murdered Gucci?

His former wife Patrizia Gucci, because he planned to marry Paola Franchi. The impending marriage would have cut her alimony in half.

How was Patrizia Gucci caught?

After an anonymous tip.

Does the Gucci family still own Gucci?

No, Maurizio sold his shares to the Bahrain-based investment fund Investcorp.

Who owns Gucci now?

Gucci is now part of the Kering Group, which was founded by French billionaire Francois Pinault.


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Alessandra and Allegra Gucci House

Alessandra and Allegra Gucci Yacht

They own the sailing yacht Creole and the gaff-rigged cutter Avel.


CREOLE, a 689-ton staysail schooner built in 1927 as VIRA, is the largest sailing yacht ever built at Camper and Nicholson’s Gosport Yard. It is the largest wooden sailing yacht in the world. The original owner, Alexander Smith Cochran, thought the masts were too high and asked to reduce them. Major Maurice Pope later bought it and renamed it Creole, after a favorite dish of his. In 1937, it was sold to Sir Connop Guthrie who restored the masts to their original design. During WWII, it was requisitioned and renamed Magic Circle, used for mine hunting. In 1947, Stavros Niarchos purchased it, restored its luxury, and used it for transportation. From 1978 to 1983, it was used as a Sail Training Ship at the Nyborg Søfartsskole. In 1982, it was bought by Maurizio Gucci and restored again. After Maurizio’s death in 1995, it was inherited by his daughters, Alessandra and Allegra, and still remains in use by the Gucci family.


SY Avel was designed by Charles E. Nicholson and built by Camper & Nicholson in 1896.  AVEL was commissioned by Rene Calame, a wealthy Frenchman. The wooden sailing yacht was designed for cruising. Since 1927 it was buried in a muddy river in Southeast England. In 1990, Maurizio Gucci bought AVEL and had it restored by Harry Spencer and Clark Poston at Harry Spencer’s Cowes yard. The rebuild was completed in 1994.  The Gucci sisters raced AVEL regularly in Mediterranean classic regattas for years.