RICHARD SCHULZE • Net Worth $4 Billion • House • Yacht • Private Jet • Best Buy

Name:Richard Schulze
Net Worth:$4 billion
Source of Wealth:Best Buy
Born:January 1941
Wife:Maureen Schulze
Children:Richard V. Schulze, Nancy JS Tellor, Susan Hoff, Debra Schulze
Residence:Coral Gables
Private Jet:(N896BB) Bombardier Challenger 350

Who is Richard Schulze?

Richard M. Schulze is a well-known American entrepreneur and philanthropist, best known as the founder of Best Buy. Born in January 1941, Schulze has built a successful career in the retail industry, while also giving back to his community through his charitable endeavors.

Best Buy

Best Buy is a consumer electronics retailer that was founded by Schulze in 1966. Originally named Sound of Music, the company began as a small electronics store specializing in high-fidelity stereos. Within 10 years, the company had grown to nine stores, but a tornado damaged the largest store. Schulze then organized a “Tornado Sale” in the store’s parking lot, offering “best buys” on all stock. This sale was a huge success, and the company was renamed Best Buy. Today, Best Buy has over 1,500 stores, including locations in Canada and Mexico. The company sells consumer electronics, software, video games, mobile phones, appliances, and much more.

Richard Schulze Net Worth

As of 2023, Richard Schulze’s net worth, along with his wife Maureen Schulze, is estimated to be $4 billion. Schulze’s success with Best Buy has allowed him to become one of the wealthiest people in the world, but he has also used his wealth to make a positive impact on his community and beyond.


Schulze is an active philanthropist, dedicating his time and resources to numerous charitable causes. Through his Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation, he has donated to education and healthcare initiatives, helping to improve the lives of people across the country. In honor of his late wife, Schulze formed The Sandra J. Schulze American Cancer Society Hope Lodge and The Sandra J. Schulze Professorship, both of which are dedicated to advancing cancer research and supporting patients and their families.
In addition to his philanthropic work, Schulze is also an advocate for education and entrepreneurship. He has helped to fund and support numerous programs and initiatives that encourage young people to pursue their dreams and become successful entrepreneurs themselves.

In conclusion, the Best Buy owner Schulze is a remarkable entrepreneur and philanthropist who has made a lasting impact on his community and the world. From his humble beginnings as a small business owner to his current status as a billionaire philanthropist, Schulze has shown that success and generosity can go hand in hand. Through his dedication to improving the lives of others, he has become a true inspiration and role model for entrepreneurs and philanthropists everywhere.


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Richard Schulze

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Richard Schulze House

Richard M. Schulze Yacht

He is the owner of the yacht Bossman. The yacht is normally berthed behind the Schulze mansion.

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