Georges Cohen – Net Worth $500 million – Owner of the Yacht Atmosphere

Name:Georges Cohen
Net Worth:$ 500 million
Source of Wealth:Gap Gemini
Born:March 19, 1953
Spouse:Martine Cohen
Children:2 Sons
Residence:Calivigny Island, Grenada
Private Jet:Pls send a message if you have info

Who is Georges Cohen?

Cohen was born in 1953 in Casablanca. He is a French businessman. He is married to Martine Cohen, they have 2 sons. He is founder of Transiciel, which he sold to Cap Gemini.


Self-taught, Georges Cohen joined Cap Gemini in 1970. He left in 1990 to found Transiciel, which was a tremendous success.

Transiciel SA was one of France’s fastest-growing information technology consulting groups.

Sold to Cap Gemini

In 1998 Transiciel went public on the Paris Stock Exchange. Cohen continued to hold more than two-thirds of the company’s stock.

In 2003 he sold Transiciel to Cap Gemini. Later he bought a Caribbean island: Calivigny Island.

Georges Cohen Net Worth

The net worth of Georges Cohen is estimated at US$ 500 million.

Yacht Atmosphere Owner

Georges Cohen

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Georges Cohen House

Georges Cohen Yacht

He is the owner of the yacht Atmosphere.