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All You Need to Know About Alexei Golubovich, his Net Worth, his House and his Khalilah Yacht.

Khalilah Yacht Specifications

Yacht Name:


Yacht Length:

48 m (158 ft)


10 in 5 cabins


9 in 4 cabins


Palmer Johnson


Palmer Johnson Design Team




32 knots


MTU 16V2000


485 ton




US$ 30 million

Yacht For Sale:

Contact a Sales Broker

Yacht For Charter:

EUR 245,000 per week, Y.CO

Who is the Owner of the Yacht Khalilah?


Alexei Golubovich



Golubovich Net Worth:

US$ 400 million


Arbat Capital


June 11, 1964


Mirimskaya Olga Mikhailovna


Ilya Golubovich , Arkady Golubovich, Elena Golubovich


London, UK

Private Jet:

Pls send message if you have info.

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Khalilah is a Palmer Johnson 48 SuperSport. She is owned by Alexei Golubovich. We were informed that the yacht is actually owned by a female. That would than be Golubovich’ ex wife Olga Mirimskaya. Her family owns a large grocery company in Russia.

Alexei GolubovichWho is Alexei Golubovich?

He is a former Yukos director and founder of Arbat Capital. He was born in June 1964. He was married to Olga Mirimskaya, they have 3 children.

What is Arbat Capital?

Arbat Capital is an investment advisory and asset management firm.

Arbat was started a as a private investment vehicle, But soon turned into an independent investment consulting and advisory firm.

Arbat Capital works closely with the international venture capital group I2BF Global Ventures. We believe Alexei’s son Ilya Golubovich is the owner of the I2BF.

Who Owns the BKF Bank?

Golubovich is a minority shareholder at the Russian BKF Bank. The BKF Bank is based in Moscow. And offers commercial and personal banking services.

The BKF Bank is headed by Alexei’s ex-wife Olga Mirimskaya. Who is also a shareholder at the bank.

What Did He do at Yukos?

Golubovich was an executive of the Russian oil company Yukos. He was or still is a 5% shareholder in Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s bank Menatep.

How Much is Alexei Golubovich Worth?

In 2004 Forbes Russia estimated his net worth at US$ 300 million. It is probably a lot more now.

His ex wife Olga Mirimskaya is the owner of  Russki Produkt. Russki Product is Russia’s largest domestic producer of grocery goods.

Where Does Golubovich Live?

Golubovich owns a large house in London. On the banks of the river Thames. He and his ex-wife fought a courtroom battle on the ownership of the house.

Their son Ilya Golubovich was also involved in a bitter divorce from his ex wife Elena.

Khalilah Yacht

Khalilah is a 48 meter Palmer Johnson SuperSport. She was delivered in 2014. The yacht has a striking gold color. She is built out of carbon fiber.

The luxury yacht is powered by two MTU engines. She can reach a top speed of 32 knots. Her cruising speed is 28 knots. The yacht is a trimaran, with a wavepiercing bow. As a result of this hull, the yacht’s fuel consumption is 50% less than similar sized yachts.

Khalilah can accommodate 12 guests and a crew of 9. Her interior is designed by the Palmer Johnson design team. PJ is also responsible for her exterior design.

Is She Available for Yacht Charter?

The boat is available for yacht charter. The yacht is not listed for sale.

Does He Own a Private Jet?

We believe Golubovich owns a private jet. But we have not been able to find a registration number yet.

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yacht Khalilah
Khalilah yacht

The amazing gold colored yacht. (photo by Raphael Belly).

Palmer Johnson Khalilah

Khalilah is a Palmer Johnson SuperSport 48. (photo by Raphael Belly).

Inside The Yacht.

The interior of the yacht is designed in-house by Palmer Johnson.

Golubovich’ yacht has an amazing interior.

Follow the location of the luxury yacht live.

Alexei Golubovich House.

Alexei Golubovich house

The house which was subject to a legal battle over ownership.


The golden Khalilah and her same colored tender.

Alexei Golubovich yachtyacht khalilah interiorinside khalilahinside alexei golubovich yacht

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khalilah interior design
Golubovich residence

The house is much bigger than expected on the first impression.

Khalilah stern

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Khalilah Photo Gallery

Photos by Raphael Belly

Media: Interested in using these photos? Please contact Raphael directly

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