DAN BILZERIAN • Net Worth $150 Million • Gulfstream GIV • Private Jet • N701DB • Value $6,000,000

Dan Bilzerian Net Worth Private Jet
Name:Dan Bilzerian
Net Worth:$150 million
Born:December 7, 1980
Wife:Sofia Bevarly (ex girlfriend)
Residence:Las Vegas, NV
Jet Registration:N701DB
Jet Type:Gulfstream G-IV
Jet S/N:1036
Price:$6 million

Who is Dan Bilzerian?

Dan Bilzerian is an American social media personality and poker player born in 1980. He is the son of Paul Bilzerian (an US investor) and his wife Terri Steffen.

Bilzerian is famous for his lifestyle. Full of (naked) models, gambling, and drug abuse. He is active on social media and is known as the Instagram King and The Blitz.  He reportedly suffered two heart attacks before the age of 32.

He has more than 22 million Instagram followers. He is not married he does not have a wife. His ex-girlfriend is Sofia Bevarly.

Bilzerian first rose to fame on social media, where he became known for posting pictures and videos of his extravagant lifestyle, which includes private jets, luxury cars, and beautiful women. He has amassed a large following on Instagram, and has been labeled the “King of Instagram” due to his over-the-top posts.

How much money did Bilzerian win in poker?

He is active in the world series of poker. He is the brother of fellow poker player Adam Bilzerian. He was once voted one of the funniest poker players. In 2014 he claimed to have won $50 million throughout the year. He reportedly won $10.8 million from a single poker game.

Dan Bilzerian Net Worth

The net worth of Dan Brandon Bilzerian is estimated at $150 million. He is rumored to earn more than US$ 50 million per year by playing poker. Although this amount is not confirmed. He sells hats, hoodies, and shirts through his webshop.

Gulfstream G-IV N701DB private jet

He owns a GIV business jet, with registration N701DB. The Gulfstream G-IV private jet was built from 1985 until 2003. Later the model was replaced with the G450.  

A G-IV has a built price of around US$ 35 million. A new G450 costs more than US$ 45 million.

The value of his jet is around $6 million. In 2014 the plane was purchased by Bilzerian. Through his company Goat Airways LLC.


As far as we know he doesn’t own a yacht and certainly no superyacht. We do think he charters a yacht now and then.

Bilzerian has a reputation for being a high-stakes gambler, but some have claimed that he is actually a trust fund baby, whose wealth comes from his father’s successful business ventures.


Bilzerian’s father, Paul Bilzerian, is a corporate takeover specialist who was convicted in the late 80s of securities fraud. His father was ordered to pay tens of millions of dollars and was sent to prison, But Dan Bilzerian claims that his father’s actions were a result of government persecution and that most of the wealth that he has inherited has come from his father’s successful business ventures.

Bilzerian’s brother Adam has also been known to be a successful poker player and has been a part of Dan’s poker group playing high-stakes games. Dan often features him in his social media, showing their extravagant lifestyle while traveling the world and playing Poker.

Lone Survivor

Aside from his luxurious lifestyle, Bilzerian is also known for his portrayal of himself as a “lone survivor,” who has overcome adversity to achieve success. This image has been called into question, however, as many have pointed out that his wealth and privilege have likely provided him with numerous advantages throughout his life.

Despite the skepticism surrounding his claims and the controversies that have followed him, Bilzerian remains popular on social media, where he continues to post pictures and videos of his extravagant lifestyle. His fans continue to be captivated by his playboy image, and the idea of living a lavish lifestyle. However, his credibility and true source of wealth, being a trust fund baby or a successful poker player, still remains a topic of debate.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Dan Bilzerian known for?

Dan Bilzerian is known for his lavish lifestyle and controversial social media posts. He is a professional poker player and has also dabbled in acting and other business ventures.

Is Dan Bilzerian wealthy?

It is difficult to estimate Dan Bilzerian’s net worth as it is not publicly disclosed. However, he is known for his lavish lifestyle and some sources have estimated his net worth to be $150 million.

How did Dan Bilzerian become famous?

Bilzerian first gained fame through his social media accounts, where he frequently posted photos of his lavish lifestyle. He has also gained attention for his appearances in films and his professional poker career.

What controversies has Dan Bilzerian been involved in?

Bilzerian has faced controversy for a number of reasons, including his treatment of women and his involvement in a shootout in Las Vegas. He has also faced criticism for his reckless behavior and hedonistic lifestyle.

How much money did Bilzerian win in poker?

In 2014 he claimed to have won $50 million throughout the year. He reportedly won $10.8 million from a single poker game.






Dan Bilzerian