Oleg Tinkov – Net Worth $4.8 Billion – Owner of the Yacht La Datcha

Name:Oleg Tinkov
Net Worth:US$ 4,8 billion
Source of Wealth:Tinkoff Bank
Born:December 25, 1967
Spouse:Rina Tinkova
Children:Daria Tinkova, Roman Tinkov, Pavel Tinkov
Private Jet:(M-TINK) Dassault 8X
Yacht:La Datcha

Who is Oleg Tinkov?

He is the founder of Tinkoff Bank. He was born on December 25, 1967. He is married to Rina Tinkova. They have 3 children (Daria, Pasha and Roman).

Tinkoff Bank

Tinkoff Bank is a Russian commercial bank based in Moscow. It was founded by Oleg Tinkov in 2006 as Tinkoff Credit Systems. The bank only operates online and doesn’t have branches.

In 2013 the bank was listed on the London Stock Exchange and was named the Bank of the Year by the Financial Times’ Banker magazine. In 2015 it was named Best Internet Retail Bank in Russia.

The bank now has more than 18,000 employees.


Before founding the bank, Tinkov owned a network of household appliances shops named Technoshock. He also opened a network of music stores named Music Shock .

He also owned frozen food factories named Daria, which was sold to Roman Abramovich for $ 21 million.

He founded a brewing company, and he owned a network of Tinkoff restaurants

Tinkoff Brewery

Tinkoff Brewery is a Russian brewery founded in St. Petersburg by Tinkov in 1998 as a brewpub. It became the fourth largest independent brewery in Russia until it was sold to Inbev for EUR 167 million. It’s main brand was Tinkoff Zolotoe (Tinkoff Golden).


Tinkov owned a chain of restaurants – active in 12 Russian cities – which he sold to the Swedish investment fund Mint Capital in 2009.

La Datcha

He now operated the La Datcha Tinkoff Collection, a brand of luxury rental properties. It includes his superyacht La Datcha, which is available for charter.


In 2020 he announced he was fighting acute leukemia. He often places updates about his health on his Instagram account. In December 2020 he announced at complete remission. (Complete remission means that tests, physical exams, and scans show that all signs of your cancer are gone.)

Oleg Tinkov Net Worth

His net worth is $ 4,8 billion.


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Yacht La Datcha Owner

Oleg Tinkov family

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Oleg Tinkov House

Oleg Tinkov Yacht

He is the owner of the Damen yacht La Datcha. He also owns a fast Pershing yacht named La Datcha.