JACK COWIN – Net Worth $2.6 Billion – Owner of the Yacht Slipstream

Name:Jack Cowin
Net Worth:$2.6 billion
Source of Wealth:Competitive Foods Australia
Country:Canada / Australia
Spouse:Sharon Cowin
Children:Sally Cowper
Point Piper, Sydney, Australia
Private Jet:Please send a message if you have information.

Who is Jack Cowin?

He is the founder and Executive Chairman of Competitive Foods Australia. Competitive Foods is one of Australia’s largest privately held businesses. He was born in 1943 in Ontario, Canada. He is married to Sharon Cowin. They have 1 daughter.

In 1969 at the age of 26-year, he moved to Australia with his family. To establish a business with the support of loans from 30 Canadians. He started with Kentucky Fried Chicken. Then his own burger chain, Hungry Jack’s, and next with Dominos Pizza.

The business expanded into food processing and now exports to 29 countries. It has 16,000 employees throughout Australia.

Competitive Foods Australia

Competitive Foods Australia is the largest franchiser of restaurants in Australia. Its restaurants include Hungry Jack’sKFC, and Domino’s Pizza.

Hungry Jack’s is the exclusive Australian master franchisee of Burger King Corporation.

More than 300 restaurants

With over 300 restaurants in the country, HJ’s is the second-largest franchisee of Burger King in the world.

Competitive Foods Australia owns 50 KFC restaurants in Western Australia and the Northern Territory. And also owns 350 Hungry Jack’s outlets throughout Australia.

In 2012 Competitive foods Australia realized revenue of AUD$ 1 billion (US$ 1 billion), with almost 10.000 employees.

BridgeClimb in Sidney Harbour

Cowin also owns a meat processing business that exports throughout the world. And he is an investor with 40% of BridgeClimb. The business operates walking tours over the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

BridgeClimb itself made an estimated $10 million profit in 2002. Cowin also invested in Network Ten, the television broadcaster. He was selling out of his stake with a profit of around $100 million.

Lone Star Texas Grill

Cowin is an investor in the Lone Star restaurant chain in Canada. Lone Star Texas Grill owns and operates a network of more than 25 restaurants in Canada.

Jack Cowin Net worth

Australia’s Business Review Weekly latest rich list estimates the net worth of Mr Cowin at AUD$ 610 million. Which is more or less US$ 600 million. Forbes estimates his net worth at US$ 2.6 billion.


Jack and his wife Sharon are active philanthropists. They founded the Jack and Sharon Cowin Scholars Award, which facilitates academic exchanges for students.  Cowin is the chancellor of the University of Western Ontario.

Yacht Slipstream Owner

Jack Cowin

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Jack Cowin House

Jack Cowin Yacht

He is the owner of the yacht Slipstream and he also owns the yacht Silver Dream. Both yachts have the same color scheme.