FRANK MONTECALVO • Net Worth $100 Million • House • Yacht • Private Jet • Bayshore Recycling

Name:Frank Montecalvo
Net Worth:$100 million
Source of Wealth:Bayshore Recycling
Born:February 28, 1961
Wife:Valerie Montecalvo
Children:Nicole Montecalvo Oppelt, Frank Jr.
Residence:New Jersey
Private Jet:Unknown
Yacht:Nicole Evelyn

Who is Frank Montecalvo?

Frank Montecalvo, a pioneering figure in the recycling industry, stands out for his enduring commitment to sustainable waste management. As the founder of Bayshore Recycling, Montecalvo has not only championed eco-friendly practices but also redefined the way society perceives recyclable “waste.”

Key Takeaways:

  • Frank Montecalvo is the founder and COO of Bayshore Recycling.
  • Bayshore Recycling is located on a 58-acre eco-complex in Woodbridge, New Jersey.
  • Established in 1995, Bayshore transformed the waste management landscape by recycling materials previously dumped in landfills.
  • Valerie Montecalvo, Frank’s wife, is the CEO of Bayshore Recycling.
  • Frank Montecalvo’s estimated net worth stands at more than $100 million, reflecting his immense contributions to the recycling industry.
  • He is the owner of the Nicole Evelyn yacht.

The Genesis and Growth of Bayshore Recycling

Established in the Keasbey section of Woodbridge, New Jersey, Bayshore Recycling finds its home on a sprawling 58-acre eco-complex and energy campus. It’s more than just a recycling center—it’s a testament to Frank’s vision of a sustainable future.
While today we recognize the critical importance of recycling, back in 1995, when Bayshore was established, the concept wasn’t as widespread. With foresight, Frank Montecalvo saw an opportunity where others saw waste. Instead of discarding concrete, asphalt, brick, and other construction debris into ever-expanding landfills, Bayshore Recycling emerged as a solution, repurposing these materials for further use.

Frank serves as the Chief Operating Officer of Bayshore, and in a wonderful blend of professional and personal synergy, his wife, Valerie Montecalvo, helms the role of CEO. Together, they have transformed the recycling landscape and solidified Bayshore’s position as a leader in eco-friendly waste management.

A Glimpse into Frank Montecalvo’s Financial Landscape

With decades of hard work, innovation, and commitment to sustainable practices, Frank Montecalvo has amassed significant success in the industry. We estimate his net worth to be well over $100 million, a testament to his dedication and the booming potential of the recycling industry.

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Yacht Nicole Evelyn Owner

Montecalvo family

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Montecalvo House

Montecalvo Yacht

He is the owner of the Trinity yacht Nicole Evelyn.

The Nicole Evelyn yacht is a 58-meter luxury yacht built by Trinity in 2005.

Boasts a powerful Caterpillar engine with a max speed of 22 knots.

Previously named Mustang Sally and Perla Blue before its current name.

The previous Nicole Evelyn yacht was a Cheoy Lee, which is now named Charlotte Ann.

Hatteras Yacht

Before that he owned a Hatteras, built in the USA to a design by Jack Hargrave. She was delivered in 2002. .

Montecalvo’s daughter

The yacht is named after Montecalvo’s daughter Nicole Evelyn Montecalvo.