TOMMY BAGWELL • Net Worth $1 Billion • House • Yacht • Частный реактивный самолет • American Proteins

Имя:Томми Бэгвелл
Чистая стоимость:$ 1 миллиард
Источник богатства:Американские протеины
Жена:Chantal Bagwell
Дети:Remi, Monique, Leigh
Резиденция:Cummings, Georgia, USA
Частный реактивный самолет:Cessna Citation 680 Sovereign (N413CK)
ЯхтаШанталь Ма Ви

Introduction to Tommy Bagwell

История Томми Бэгвелл is truly inspiring. Born in 1945, Bagwell forged a successful career as the owner and Chairman of American Proteins Inc until he sold the company. Now a billionaire, Bagwell is also known for his luxury yacht, the Шанталь Ма Ви.

Ключевые выводы

  • Tommy Bagwell, a self-made billionaire, has had an extraordinary journey, moving from heading American Proteins Inc to selling it and venturing into luxury yacht ownership.
  • American Proteins Inc, initially founded by Bagwell’s father, has grown to become a global leader in poultry protein and fat sales, serving multiple industries across the globe.
  • Bagwell’s estimated net worth is $1 billion, a testament to his business acumen and the success of American Proteins Inc.
  • Bagwell’s philanthropic initiatives, spearheaded through The Chantal and Tommy Bagwell Foundation, Inc, underscore his commitment to giving back to society. The foundation holds over $100 million in assets and makes annual donations

American Proteins and its Global Impact

American Proteins Inc is a global leader in the sale of poultry protein and fat. The company’s products find wide applications in the poultry, livestock, and pet food industries, making it a key player in these sectors. Founded in 1949 by Tommy’s father, Leland Bagwell, American Proteins has since become a trusted name in nutrient-rich feed supplements for various industries around the world.

Tommy Bagwell’s Billion-Dollar Net Worth

Tommy Bagwell’s net worth is estimated at a staggering $1 billion. His sale of American Proteins to Тайсон Фудс in 2018 brought in $850 million, and with the Bagwell family having owned the profitable, debt-free company for 69 years, an additional $150 million in accumulated wealth is estimated. This level of financial success puts Bagwell in league with other tycoons, such as Tyson Food’s chairman Джон Тайсон, who owns the Lurssen yacht Horizons III.

Bagwell’s Philanthropic Initiatives

Beyond his business success, Tommy and his wife, Chantal, are active филантропы through their The Chantal and Tommy Bagwell Foundation, Inc. The foundation boasts more than $100 million in assets and generously donates over $5 million annually to various causes.



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Yacht Chantal Ma Vie Owner

Томми Бэгвелл

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Tommy Bagwell Yacht

Он является владельцем yacht Chantal Ma Vie. And he also owns a large houseboat named Amistad. Amistad is docked behind the house. Bagwell built this houseboat himself.

The Chantal Ma Vie Yacht was built in 1993 by Федшип, первоначально известная как Enterprise V и принадлежавшая Джею ван Анделу, сооснователю корпорации Amway.

The yacht was lengthened from 51 meters to 55 meters to accommodate an outdoor pool, with capacity to host 12 guests and a экипажиз 10.

Яхта оснащена парой двигателей Caterpillar и развивает максимальную скорость 16 узлов и крейсерскую скорость 12 узлов.