JÜRG MARQUARD • Net Worth $500 Million • House • Yacht • Jet privato • Marquard Media

Nome:Jürg Marquard
Patrimonio netto:$500 milioni
Fonte di ricchezza:Marquard Media
Nato:July 13, 1945
Moglie:Raquel Marquard
Bambini:Philipp Marquard, Aline Marquard, Audrey Marquard, Alexandra Marquard, Caroline Marquard
Residenza:Herrliberg, Schweiz
Jet privato:Si prega di inviare un messaggio se si dispone di informazioni
Yacht:Azzurra II

Decoding the Success Story of Jürg Marquard

Jürg Marquard, un successo Swiss publisher, and the founder of the influential Marquard Media, has become a prominent figure in the media world. Born on July 13, 1945, he is happily married to Raquel Marquard. The couple’s professional and personal journeys reflect a story of perseverance, dedication, and monumental success.

Punti chiave:

  • Jürg Marquard, the Swiss publisher, has carved a niche in the media industry as the founder of Marquard Media.
  • Marquard Media, starting with the youth magazine Pop, now sells around 40 publications in several countries and owns approximately 20 websites.
  • Marquard’s foray into television production with the reality series Traumjob marked another milestone in his successful career.
  • Jürg Marquard was honored as the Honorary Consul General of Hungary and was awarded the Hero of Freedom Medal of Honor in 2006.
  • Marquard’s net worth is a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit and success, estimated at a noteworthy $500 million.

Origin Story of Marquard Media

Post his high school education, Marquard embarked on an ambitious journey. He launched the youth-centric magazine, Pop, in 1965. This groundbreaking venture was supported by start-up capital borrowed from school friends. Pop rose rapidly in popularity to become Germany’s second largest youth magazine, highlighting Marquard’s intuitive understanding of the market and the young audience’s needs.
Marquard’s landmark achievement in the German-speaking magazine market emerged in 1981 with the advent of the Cosmopolitan magazine. This magazine’s success not only affirmed his position in the industry but also helped expand his business horizons.

Today, the Marquard Media Group enjoys significant influence, selling around 40 publications in German-speaking countries, Poland, and Hungary. With a digital footmark as well, the company owns approximately 20 websites and employs a workforce of 450 individuals.

In 2005, Marquard explored the television industry, co-producing the reality series, Traumjob. This series was a licensed version of Donald Trump‘s acclaimed reality show, The Apprentice. The show achieved maximum ratings on the primary channel of Swiss television, reaffirming Marquard’s versatile talent in media production.

The Honorary Consul General of Hungary: Jürg Marquard

In 1995, Marquard was appointed as the Honorary Consul General of Hungary, reflecting his remarkable international influence. In recognition of his service, he was awarded the prestigious Medal of Honor titled Hero of Freedom nel 2006.

Estimated Wealth: Jürg Marquard’s Net Worth

With a successful career spanning several decades, Marquard has accumulated significant wealth. His patrimonio netto is estimated at an impressive $500 million.


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