EDDIE JORDAN • Net Worth $400 Million • House • Yacht • نفاثة خاصة • F1 • Jordan Gran Prix

اسم:Eddie Jordan
صافي القيمة:$400 مليون
مصدر الثروة:Jordan Gran Prix
وُلِدّ:March, 30 1948
دولة:المملكة المتحدة
زوجة:Marie Jordan
أطفال:Zoe, Miki, Zak & Kyle
نفاثة خاصة:الرجاء إرسال رسالة إذا كان لديك معلومات

Who is Eddie Jordan?

Discover the fascinating life of Eddie Jordan, former Formula One driver, team owner, and entrepreneur. Explore his successful career in motorsports, ventures in the beverage industry, and impressive net worth. Learn more about this charismatic personality who’s made a mark in the world of racing and beyond.

Mr Jordan, born in March 1948, is a former Formula One race driver and the founder of the Formula One constructor Jordan Grand Prix. Married to Marie, they have four children: Zoe, Miki, Zak, and Kyle. Jordan is best known for giving Michael Schumacher his F1 debut, although Schumacher moved to Benetton after just one race.

Jordan Grand Prix and its Evolution

Jordan Grand Prix was sold to Alex Shnaider’s Midland Group, which later led to its acquisition by Dutch Spyker Cars. Since 2008, Jordan Grand Prix has been known as Force India. In 2018, the team was bought by نزهة لورانس and rebranded as Racing Point. Today, the team is known as Aston Martin F1 and is based in Silverstone, UK.

Formula One Analyst and Media Appearances

Jordan currently works as a Formula One analyst for various networks, including the BBC and Channel 4. He was also a presenter for the 2016 season of Top Gear. In addition, Jordan was a shareholder in the Madara Bulgarian Property Fund, which was active in real estate development in Bulgaria.

Business Ventures: Vodka V10 and EJ-10

He owns the vodka brand Vodka V10 and the energy drink brand EJ-10. Produced by Jordan Brand Ltd, Vodka V-10 combines Jordan’s successful EJ-10 energy drink with two shots of vodka and is sold in the UK, Spain, and South America.

Eddie Jordan’s Net Worth and Wealth Management

Jordan’s صافي القيمة is estimated at around $400 million. He controls trusts named Anna Livia No. 4 and Anna Livia No. 6, which are based in Guernsey.

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Yacht Blush Owner

Eddie Jordan

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Jordan Yacht

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