SOLOMON LEW • Net Worth $2 Billion • House • Yacht • Частный реактивный самолет • Premier Investments

Имя:Solomon Lew
Чистая стоимость:$ 2 миллиарда
Источник богатства:Premier Investments
Рожденный:March 22, 1945
Жена:Roza Prappas
Дети:Peter Lew, Jacqueline Lew
Резиденция:Melbourne, Australia
Частный реактивный самолет:Бомбардье Глобал Экспресс

Who is Solomon Lew?

Solomon Lew is more than just a name in the Australian business world – he is a force to reckon with. Born in 1945, Lew is a self-made миллиардер who has spent decades creating a retail empire that is both diverse and lucrative. With a чистая стоимость currently estimated at a staggering $2 миллиарда, Lew’s success story is a testament to his business acumen, resilience, and strategic investment skills.

Ключевые выводы:

  • Solomon Lew is an Australian billionaire with a net worth estimated at $2 billion.
  • Lew turned a small retail business, inherited in 1964, into a massive group, laying the foundation for Premier Investments.
  • Just Jeans, a brand owned by the Just Group under Premier Investments, operates over 400 stores in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Smiggle, another brand under the Just Group, is hailed as ‘the world’s hottest stationery brand’.
  • Apart from his business ventures, Lew maintains a strong family bond with his wife Roza and their two children.
  • Он является владельцем MARIDOME yacht.

A Business Legacy: The Birth of Premier Investments

A pivotal point in Lew’s journey to success was in 1964 when he inherited a small retail business. Starting with a relatively modest setup, he displayed exceptional business acumen by expanding this venture into a considerable group. He began importing textiles, toys, and other goods from China into Australia, sowing the seeds for what would become Premier Investments, the Melbourne-based investment giant.

Just Jeans: More Than Just a Jeans Brand

Just Jeans, a renowned jeans brand known for its quality and style, is one of the many jewels in Premier Investments’ crown. This brand, under the umbrella of the Просто группа, operates more than 400 stores across Australia and New Zealand, adding substantial value to Lew’s business portfolio.

Smiggle: The World’s Hottest Stationery Brand

Expanding beyond apparel, the Just Group also owns Smiggle, a brand that has earned the title of ‘the world’s hottest stationery brand’. Smiggle offers fun, trendy, and innovative stationery items that have become a favourite among consumers worldwide.

The Personal Life of Solomon Lew

Apart from his towering success in the business world, Lew is a devoted family man. He is happily married to Roza, and they have two children together. His balanced approach to life and business is a source of inspiration for many aspiring entrepreneurs.


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Yacht Maridome Owner

Solomon Lew

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Solomon Lew House

Solomon Lew Yacht

Он является владельцем моторная яхта Maridome. Lew also owns the 45 meter yacht Texas. Which is permanently based in Melbourne. Texas was built in 1984 by Proteksan Turquoise.

The Maridome яхта boasts an impressive history and design. LeBow named the yacht after his daughters, Stephany and Karen, and commissioned renowned Банненберг Дизайн for both its exterior and interior styling.

Мощность и производительность

The motor yacht Maridome is equipped with Двигатели Caterpillar, reaching a top speed of 16 knots and a крейсерская скорость of 14 knots.