The Sailing Yacht Enigma on Fire in Malaysia

Langkawi, Malaysia- 02-18-2021
by SuperYachtFan

Sailing Yacht Enigma (Ex Phocea)

Sailing Yacht Enigma on fire

Name:Enigma (Ex Phocea)
Length:75m (247ft)
Guests:12 in 6 cabins
Crew:23 in 12 cabins
Designer:Tim Heywood Design
Interior Designer:Beiderbeck Designs
Speed:14 knots
Volume:530 ton
Price:US$ 15 million
Annual Running Cost:US$ 2 million
Owner:Xavier Niel (ex owner), Mona Ayoub (ex owner)

The 75-meter sailing yacht Enigma caught fire this morning off an island near Langkawi, Malaysia. All 7 crew members were rescued and uninjured.

She was built as Club Mediterrannee in 1976. But for many years she was known as Phocea.

In 1997 she was bought by Mona Ayoub from her then-owner, French businessman Bernard Tapie.

Mona Ayoub is the ex-wife of Nasser al Rasheed, owner of the yacht Lady Moura.

Ayoub paid $ 6 million for the yacht and spent another $ 20 million refitting the yacht.

She later sold the yacht, we are not sure to whom.

But until recently (before her name was changed into Enigma) the yacht was owned by French millionaire Xavier Niel. He is married to Delphine Arnault, daughter of Bernard Arnault.

Arnault is the richest man in France and owner of the yacht Symphony.

Sailing Yacht Enigma
Sailing Yacht Enigma interior


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