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Superyachts in St Barthélemy

Billionaires and Celebs visit St Barts for New Years Eve

Yachts St Barth

Every year around New Year’s Eve the world’s richest billionaires and celebs bring their superyachts to the Caribbean island of St. Barths.  The rich and famous party and celebrate on the Island’s famous beaches or at the Eden Rock hotel.

Billionaires In St Barth

Some billionaires come back almost every year for a St Barts holiday. Such as Roman Abramovich with his yacht Eclipse. Not long ago it was the largest yacht in the world. David Geffen with his yacht Rising Sun, Paul Allen came for many years with Tatoosh or Octopus. Laurene Powells Jobs comes with her yacht, Venus.


Also, many celebrities can be spotted every year. Celebs such as Paris Hilton, Leonardo Dicaprio, Rihanna, and Kendall Jenner. They watch the amazing fireworks displays. Many visit La Plage or Plage de St Jean.

St. Barths

St. Barths (or St. Barts, or St. Barthelemy or Saint Barthélemy) is an overseas collectivity of France in the West Indies.

The island lies about 35 kilometers (22 mi) southeast of St. Martin and north of St. Kitts. Saint Barthélemy is a volcanic island fully encircled by shallow reefs. It has an area of 25 square kilometres (9.7 sq mi) and a population of 10.000.

St Barth’s capital is Gustavia, which contains the main harbor to the island.

View yachts near St Barths live!

2022 New Years Eve

An early arrival was Jan Koum with his yacht Moonrise and her support vessel Nebula.

Also Herb Chambers arrived early with his yacht Excellence.

We also spotted Chris and Sarah Dawson with their Benetti yacht TRIUMPH.

And we saw Philip Green’s yacht Lioness V.

Missing: Most notable Roman Abramovich, which normally came every year with his yacht Eclipse.

yachts in St Barts - New Years Eve - 2020

yachts in St Barts - New Years Eve - 2020

yachts in St Barts - New Years Eve - 2020

yachts in St Barts 2020

2021 New Years Eve

Yachts include Roman Abramovich’s Eclipse, Herb Chambers’ Excellence, Jan Koum’s Moonrise, a UK hedge fund manager’s Arbema, Ivan Shabalov’s Soaring, Shahid Khan’s Kismet.

Further, we spotted Eyal Ofer with his Olivia O, Jonathan Rothberg with his Gene Machine and Beau Wrigley with his yacht Unbridled.

2020 New Years Eve

Lionel Richie and his daughter Sofia chartered the 116-meter yacht Ulysses. They were spotted by a photographer of the Daily Mail.

2019 New Years Eve St Barths

Many yachts arrived for the 2019 New Years Eve

More billionaires and celebs than ever for a St Barths Holiday

Eclipse – Roman Abramovich

Rising Sun – David Geffen

C2 – Ronald Perelman

Elysian – John Henry

Limitless – Leslie Wexner

Le Grand Bleu – Euvgeny Shvidler

Gene Machine – Jonathan Rothberg

2018 New Years Eve St Barths

We spotted these yachts for the 2018 New Years Eve

Eclipse – Roman Abramovich

Rising Sun – David Geffen

C2 – Ronald Perelman

Elysian – John Henry

Limitless – Leslie Wexner

Samadhi – Daniel Loeb

Katharine – Lee Anderson

Phoenix II – Kulczyk family

Ace – Yuriy Kosiuk

Le Grand Bleu – Euvgeny Shvidler

Axioma – Dmitry Pumpyansky

Mogambo – Jan Koum

Constance – Alan Dabbiere

Rock.It – Jimmy John Liautaud

Martha Ann – Warren E Halle

Seven Sins – Hugo Verlinden

Blue Moon – Richard Duchossois

Lioness V – Phillip Green

Aquarius – Steve Wynn

Silver Shalis – Larry Silverstein

Sealyon – Anthony Lyons

Deniki – Marcel Boekhoorn

Naia – (we are not sure who owns the yacht Naia)

Minderella – Glenn Sterns

Anna – Dmitry Ryblovlev

Maridome – Solomon Lew

Dancing Hare – do you know who owns Dancing Hare? Send a message

Talisman C – Pears brothers

Atlantic Goose – Lord Ashcroft

Coral Ocean – Peter Lurssen

Sunrays – Ravi Ruia

Here Comes the Sun – Alexander Dzhaparidze

Odessa – Len Blavatnik

Phoenix II – Sebastian Kulzcyk

Kisses – Norman Braman

Annastar – Stanley Star

One More Toy – Gary Markel

Harle – Michael Saylor

Big Eagle – Estate of Bernie Little

Skyfall – Roy E Carroll

Yalla – Sawiris family

Secret – Nancy Walton

Hasna – John Symond

Teleost – Nathan Paul Myhrvold

Caryali – Robert Grossman

Atalante – Dick Raper

Go – Hans Peter Wild

Polar Star – built for John Risley

Galaxy – Hans Thomas Gross

Symphony – Bernard Arnault

Muchos Mas – Juan Carlos Mas

Mia Elise II – Terry Taylor

Elixir – Rob Thielen

Gene Machine – Jonathan Rothberg



2017 New Years Eve

On December 17th 2017, Eclipse arrived at Port Gustavia in St Barths.
Abramovich flew with his US$ 75 million Gulfstream G650 private jet (LX-GVI) to Princess Juliana International Airport in St Maarten. He then transferred with his Eurocopter AS.365-N3 (M-LVIA) to Eclipse. And further to his St. Barth mansion.

We spotted the following yachts in St Barths

Eclipse – Roman Abramovich

C2 – Ronald Perelman

Symphony – Bernard Arnault

Titania – John Caudwell

Le Grand Bleu – Eugene Shvidler

Lady S – Daniel Snyder

Areti – Igor Makarov

Elysian – John Henry

Limitless – Leslie Wexner

Samadhi – Daniel Loeb

Katharine – Lee Anderson

Keri Lee – Trevor Lee

Gene Machine – Jonathan Rothberg

Mogambo – Jan Koum

One More Toy – Gary Markel

Lady Britt – Sten Warborn

Sycara V – Ray Catena

Phoenix II – Kulczyk family

Lazy Z – Mortimer Zuckerman

Ace – Yuriy Kosiuk

Unbridled – Bill Wrigley

Adela – George Lindemann

11.11  – Nicholas Candy


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