GOH CHENG LIANG • Net Worth $14 Billion • House • Yacht • نفاثة خاصة • Nippon Paint

اسم:جوه تشنغ ليانغ
صافي القيمة:$14 مليار
مصدر الثروة:Nippon Paint
أطفال:Goh Hup Jin
نفاثة خاصة:Bombardier Challenger (N955JG)
يختارنب ابيض (White Rabbit)

Who is Goh Cheng Liang?

جوه تشنغ ليانغ is a Singapore-based الملياردير. ولد في 1928. He is married and has 1 son. He is the founder of a South East Asia paint business. The paint company started a joint venture with Nippon Paint. He now owns 39% of the shares of Nippon Paint. He is the owner of the yacht White Rabbit.

Nippon Paint

Nippon Paint Holdings Co. is a Japanese paint and paint products manufacturing company. It is one of the largest paint manufacturers in the world.

Nippon Paint has over 21,000 employees. And has over 61 manufacturing facilities and operations in 16 countries.

Goh’s son Hup Jin هل رئيس of Nippon Paint.

Wuthelam Holdings

Wuthelam is the holding company of Mr. Cheng Liang. Next to the paint business, it is also active in التطوير العقاري و التعدين. We think Wuthelam is also the shareholder of Echo Yachts.

Goh Foundation

إنه فاعل خير نشط من خلال عملهGoh Foundation.

The Goh Foundation is a charitable organization based in Singapore. The foundation was established by Mr. Goh Cheng Liang with the aim of supporting various charitable causes and improving the lives of people in need.

The foundation focuses on a range of areas, including education, healthcare, and community development, and supports a variety of organizations and initiatives that align with its mission. Some of the foundation’s notable projects include supporting schools and educational programs, providing financial assistance to families in need, and funding healthcare initiatives and research.

In addition to its philanthropic work, the Goh Foundation is also known for its commitment to environmental sustainability, and has supported a number of initiatives aimed at protecting the natural environment and promoting sustainable practices.

Donations include US$ 50 million to the National Cancer Centre in Singapore in March 2014.

Goh founded the Goh Foundation Scholarship. The scholarship is providing financial assistance to full-time undergraduates at the Singapore Management University.

How Much is Goh Cheng Liang Net Worth?

له صافي القيمة is estimated at $14 billion. He owns 39% of Nippon Paint.

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Yacht White Rabbit Owner

جوه تشنغ ليانغ

شاهد هذا الفيديو!

Goh Cheng Liang House

Yacht White Rabbit

هو صاحب تريماران yacht White Rabbit and her support vessel Charlie.