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اسم:مايكل بوكستون
صافي القيمة:US$ 0.4 مليار
مصدر الثروة:MAB Corporation
نفاثة خاصة:الرجاء إرسال رسالة إذا كان لديك معلومات
يخت:اللؤلؤة السوداء

A Life Defined by Real Estate and Philanthropy: Who is Michael Buxton?

مايكل بوكستون, born in 1945, has earned a prestigious name for himself in the Australian real estate scene. He enjoys the company of his wife, Janet Buxton, and his extensive journey in the realm of property development began in 1976 when he co-founded Becton Corporation with Max Beck. Known for its wide-ranging property development and construction projects, Becton Corporation soon became a recognizable name in the industry.

الماخذ الرئيسية:

  • مايكل بوكستون is a renowned figure in Australian real estate, with over 40 years of experience in the field.
  • He co-founded the Becton Corporation in 1976, which marked the beginning of his impactful career.
  • After selling Becton Corporation, he founded the MAB Corporation in 1994, a leading company in property development in Melbourne.
  • Buxton is a passionate art collector, evidenced by his establishment of The Michael Buxton Contemporary Australian Art Collection.
  • His impressive career has resulted in an estimated net worth of $350 million.

The Birth of MAB Corporation: A New Chapter

After the sale of Becton Corporation in 1994, Buxton embarked on a fresh endeavor by establishing the MAB Corporation. This Melbourne-based firm further solidified Buxton’s reputation as a significant player in property development, dealing in commercial, residential, retail, and industrial properties. MAB Corporation’s impact on Melbourne’s cityscape is undeniable, with around $1.5 billion in completed or initiated projects to its name. Annually, it boasts approximately $200 million in sales, backed by net assets nearing the $200 million mark.

Michael Buxton: A Patron of Australian Art

Buxton’s interests extend beyond property development. He is renowned for his love for art, especially Australian artists. In 1996, he established The Michael Buxton Contemporary Australian Art Collection, a testament to his passion for the country’s art scene and a notable contribution to the cultural landscape.

The Wealth of Michael Buxton

Buxton’s diligent efforts in property development and passion for art have led to a substantial accumulation of wealth. His estimated صافي القيمة stands at around $350 million, reflecting the successful career trajectory of this influential Australian real estate mogul.

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مايكل بوكستون

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Michael Buxton House

Buxton Yacht Black Pearl

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