HASSO PLATTNER • Net Worth $17 billion • Yacht • House • Private Jet • SAP

Name:Hasso Plattner
Net Worth:$ 17 billion
Source of Wealth:SAP Software
Born:January 21, 1944
Spouse:Sabine Plattner
Children:Steffi Plattner, 1 other
Residence:Potsdam, Germany
Private Jet:Bombardier Challenger (N3975A, D-BADO, D-BANN)

Who is Hasso Plattner?

He is the co-founder of software company SAP. He was born in January 1944. He is married to Sabine and has 2 children. He is one of the richest men in Germany. And he is the owner of the yacht Visione.

SAP Software

Sap is an enterprise software company, based in Germany. It was founded by Plattner and four other German engineers. They were initially working on a scientific data software program at IBM.

When IBM canceled the program, Plattner and his colleagues decided to continue on their own. They formed the Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing, company also known as SAP.

SAP software systems now realizes annual sales of US$ 25 billion, a net income of US$ 5 billion, and 89,000 employees. Plattner is now Chairman of the Supervisory Board.

H Plattner Ventures

Through his H Plattner Ventures, Plattner invests in fast-growing, information technology-driven companies in Europe and the USA. The aim is to support young entrepreneurs in the IT sector.

The venture capital fund portfolio includes shares in Vera (active in data security). Reflektion (online shopping and conversion support) and Facton (enterprise product costing software).

Sport Investments

The founder of SAP is an investor in sports and sports facilities. He owns the San Jose Sharks ice hockey team. And the SAP Centre indoor sports arena in San Jose.

He also owns the Fancourt Golf Estate in South Africa. And of course, he is an active sailor with his sailing yacht.


Hasso and his wife Sabine Plattner are active philanthropists through their Plattner Foundation, supporting health and education.

They have signed the Giving Pledge, aiming to donate most of their wealth to charity. Through the H Plattner Institute, they offer education in IT Systems Engineering. The institute is a faculty of the University of Potsdam.

He also donated US$ 35 million to form the HP Institute of Design at Stanford University.

Hasso Plattner Net Worth

His net worth is US$ 17 billion. He owns approx. 7% of the shares of SAP. In 2017 Plattner sold a 0.3% stake in SAP for US$ 400 million. In 2012 he sold shares worth US$ 150 million.

Yacht Visione Owner

Hasso Plattner

Sabine Plattner

10 Facts about Hasso Plattner you probably didn’t know.

  1. He was born in 1944.
  2. He was initially working on a scientific data software program at IBM.
  3. IBM canceled the program: Plattner decided to continue on their own.
  4. He formed the Systems, Applications & Products Company known as SAP.
  5. SAP software systems now realizes annual sales of US$ 25 billion.
  6. His net worth is now US$ 15 billion.
  7. He is an active philanthropist and signed the Giving Pledge.
  8. His house is known as Churchill Villa as Winston Churchill lived there (‘43).
  9. With his yacht he is active in the regatta sailing circuit.
  10. Through SAP he owns 3 private jets






Hasso Plattner House