JOAQUIN FOLCH RUSINOL I CORACHAN • Net Worth $200 Million • House • Yacht • Private Jet • Industrias Titan

Joaquin Folch-Rusinol i Corachan

Joaquin Folch Rusinol

Name:Joaquin Folch-Rusinol i Corachan
Net Worth:US$200 million
Source of Wealth:Industrias Titan
Born:June 1953
Private Jet:(EC-ISQ) Cessna Citation

Exploring the Success Story of Joaquin Folch-Rusinol i Corachan

Joaquin Folch-Rusinol i Corachan has established himself as a leading figure in Spanish industry. Born in 1953, he has carved a niche for himself as the CEO of his family’s paint factory, Industrias Titan, and as a key player in several other sectors, further amplifying his influence.

Key Takeaways:

  • Joaquin Folch-Rusinol i Corachan is a prominent Spanish businessman, leading his family’s paint factory, Industrias Titan, and holding interests in various other sectors.
  • Industrias Titan, founded in 1917, produces paints, varnishes, and coatings, realizing sales of around US$ 200 million annually.
  • Folch-Rusinol is also a shareholder and non-executive director at Banco Sabadell, holding a 1.04% stake valued at approximately $130 million.
  • His diversified business interests extend to real estate development with Fabricas Folch SL and aftermarket motorcycle parts distribution in Spain with Corver SA.
  • Joaquin Folch-Rusinol’s estimated net worth stands at a minimum of US$ 200 million, a testament to his successful business ventures and strategic investments.

The Core of Joaquin Folch Rusinol’s Industrial Empire: Industrias Titan

Recognized as one of the premier producers of paints, varnishes, and coatings for home decoration and professional use, Industrias Titan forms the bedrock of Folch-Rusinol’s business empire. Since its establishment in 1917, the company has been steadily growing, currently boasting annual sales of around US$ 200 million, powered by a dedicated workforce of more than 500 employees. Industrias Titan also has a strong international presence with factories spread across Morocco, Portugal, and Spain.

Folch-Rusinol and His Stake in Banco Sabadell

Apart from his core business, Folch-Rusinol also has a significant presence in the banking industry as a shareholder and non-executive director at Banco Sabadell. He holds 1.04% of the shares of Banco Sabadell, valued approximately at $130 million. Additionally, he was previously a director and shareholder at Banco Santander, highlighting his diversified investment interests.

Real Estate and Motorcycle Parts: Diversified Interests of Joaquin Folch-Rusinol

Joaquin Folch-Rusinol’s business endeavors extend beyond paints and banking. He also owns Fabricas Folch SL, a company active in real estate development. Furthermore, he owns Corver SA, a company involved in importing and distributing aftermarket motorcycle parts in Spain, demonstrating his strategic diversification into different sectors.

Estimating the Net Worth of Joaquin Folch-Rusinol i Corachan

Thanks to his varied business ventures, Folch-Rusinol’s net worth is estimated to be at least US$ 200 million, reflecting his business acumen and success.

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Yacht Buka Owner

Joaquin Folch Rusinol

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Joaquin Folch-Rusinol i Corachan House

Folch-Rusinol Yacht Buka

He is the owner of the Heesen yacht Buka.

The Buka Yacht, a stunning representation of Heesen Yachts’ craftsmanship, is valued at an estimated $15 million.

With a design from Omega Architects, Buka is the fifth hull in Heesen’s successful 3700M series.

Capable of reaching a max speed of 31 knots and a cruising speed of 21 knots, the yacht can cover more than 1,500 nm.

The yacht can accommodate up to 10 guests and a crew of 8.